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Do not despair: Amazon's annexation in Israel is not exciting

The first offers from local companies through the American online store have officially gone live - in the meantime, without big news when it comes to prices

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The early estimates spoke of a major marketing campaign that will accompany Amazon's official entry into the Israeli arena - but in practice, like many other giant moves, it happened suddenly and relatively quietly, without too many statements and early warnings. From now on, when they entered the store's home page .com will welcome you offers from local Israeli sellers prominently in the center of the page - with the focus now being on a number of major and prominent local brands in clothing, makeup and grooming and home appliances.

As we have already known, the products offered through the local sellers are fully responsible, without the intervention of Logistics itself at any stage - is the only one that provides the required digital platform, and drops sanctions in situations where many complaints about sellers that do not meet the standards set for service and response time are accumulated.

The long-awaited entry into the country has arrived relatively quietly - and in the meantime there seems to be no far-reaching news for shopping enthusiasts.

Product descriptions and the entire user interface are available in English at this time, without Hebrew, and the payment also appears in US dollars as a default, including the required VAT increment and accompanied by most products also free of charge (except for heavy electrical products) - And keep in mind that, as always, here, it's definitely a good idea to make a paid purchase in dollars based on your credit card conversion fee, which in the vast majority of cases will be significantly lower than the same conversion fee Itself when you request payment in any currency other than the local currency for that online store.

Local seller prices are intended to include VAT and any other purchase tax - but don't forget to pay in dollars and be well aware of the conversion fee your chosen payment method gives you

A brief glance at Israeli retailers' virtual stores reveals a very limited supply of consumer electronics and gadgets, with those already available in the vast majority of cases available at other local stores in Israel, as well as prices available from overseas sellers in Amazon itself, even when including the extra Shipping costs. Many consumers hoped and believed that the entry of The country will bring about a real revolution in the local market with intense and immediate competition in almost all categories of consumer goods - and in the meantime it seems that reality is very far away.

One example of a rather large number of products that definitely pays to buy from a local Amazon seller - about NIS 605 through the site, compared to NIS 680 or higher at every local store in the country and NIS 870 in Amazon UK. Let's hope there will be many more such products later

No official sale on behalf of Its own products in Israel will not be able to provide direct competition to sellers operating through it, and without its local logistics infrastructure, it will not be able to put pressure on sellers who rely on them to lower prices (by applying penalties and sanctions on products stored too long on shelves without suitable trading volumes) - true Now it seems that the companies that offer local products through Do this for the buzz and attention of local surfers, and not with the aim of creating competition for themselves within the local suppliers and local designated trading sites they operate.

Despite the current situation, we choose to maintain some optimism for the Israeli venture . Already, there are a few individual offers from local sellers that turn out to be cheaper than any other store in the country or even from orders from Amazon itself through non-country vendors and sellers - and our hope is that over time more sellers will join the fresh arena, increasing supply and allowing competition More significantly, what in turn can increase sales volumes and drive increased platform competitiveness, and back again.

Until we see logistics centers and distribution systems The Holy Land itself will not be a revolution? This is a statement that is still too early for our taste

What are your estimates of the future of local sales through - A recipe for success or error that can only lead to failure? It's time to talk about it in the comments.


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