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Elaborate meditation everywhere

How much would you be willing to pay for an accessory to help you relax anytime, anywhere?

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It's easy to get lost in the myriad of technological innovations designed to make our lives faster and more efficient - so it's nice to find that there are still those who care about the physical and spiritual sanity of the consumer as well. The new Muse S is the Rolls Royce of Alternative Health Products, and is designed to provide those who are committed to investing in its purchase the most complete and accurate detail about rest and relaxation times.

The new CES 2020 exhibit has received considerable interest from flexible fabric critics, unlike plastic in previous Muse models, and thanks to the combination of several different sensors built into its processing unit can provide a detailed explanation of breathing rate, heart rate, body movements, and even brainwave activity ( In EEG configuration) - in a companion app that will offer options for improving rest and reducing stress.

Upgraded meditation for the top decile
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The Muse S battery life is significantly longer than the previous versions and lasts about XNUMX hours between charging and charging, and in addition to the features mentioned in the previous paragraph, there is a brand new feature designed to improve the user's sleep - with tracking and meditation instructions for use at bedtime, on the move to The world of dreams.

The companion app is tailored to device-based devices and-, With a variety of options and plenty of technical data that you can dive in your free time
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Interested in experimenting in the modern interactive meditation world? Great, but you should prepare the cash in advance: The Muse S will begin its official marketing over the next few months with a recommended cost of not less than $ 350 which could take quite a few people out of their peace (instead of doing the opposite action for which it was created). what do you think? Let's talk about it in the comments.

Many critics wanted to try and get a few minutes of rest to mind and body as part of the exhibition - and queued for the Muse S
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