Even the newest version of Denuvo surrendered to pirates

Despite the hopes on the issue, the 4 version of the dreaded file protection is proven to be a surprisingly fast hit - and with it the prey game, which is released freely and illegally only nine days after it was launched

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Is it possible that we are approaching the day when the smart and advanced file protection service of the Will become irrelevant and will die slowly, as dozens of similar technologies that are trying to stand in the way of file crackers across the network have died before it? It is still too early to jump to far-reaching conclusions like this, but one thing is certain - the Austrian company's ability to protect its customers' intellectual property has suffered a major blow, one that it is not quite able to recover from in the newest version of its product.

Starting in the middle of last year, a group called CPY has started to offer hacked versions of various games that included the protection of , When it appeared that every few weeks another "title" fell on the pirate network - although the fact that most of them were hacked a few months after their official launch softened the situation slightly, when there were voices claiming that these products successfully managed a significant part of their revenue potential File protection crackers.

The new victim on the net may mark the beginning of a trend?

However, as time went by it seemed that time was playing Can enjoy worry-free and significantly reduced unfair competition - when several high-profile titles such as Mass Effect: Andromeda and Resident Evil 7 were hacked and distributed on the Web within a few days of launch. Reports of an updated and improved version of the protection of the files in question, 4 (which is apparently available in 32 bit format and 64 bit format), have successfully blocked the known vulnerabilities and should restore peace to the keys and distributors in the field. Now it can be declared with certainty that this is not what happened.

Games that enjoy the new protection of Began coming to the stores last month, and after a few weeks of quiet, they were suddenly distributed to the network in free and free versions. The CPY group also joined a user or group that is nicknamed Baldman as another factor that supposedly successfully subdued the technology. Titles like Nier: Automata, Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 and the updated version of Mass Effect: Andromeda (which has been "upgraded" to the defense The new one in the update) all surrendered to the pirates - when it is in the game Prey, which broke out and distributed on the network in less than ten days, perhaps as a signal and proof of ability of those crackers that the new version actually gives no advantage over its predecessors.

Ironically, it seems that the rate of break-ins of fresh titles has actually increased since the market began to get titles protected by the Denuvo 4 version

Many games are protected by Have not yet been breached, including some that were launched last year, and there is no doubt that we will still see games Many more in the future as well as other versions of the defense will try to discourage the various breakout groups, but it seems that now more than ever before it can be argued that this technology is only an effective tool to delay the piracy of titles, rather than a mechanism that is supposed to block illegal distribution Absolutely.

The two most effective methods of protecting files that remain in the domain, therefore, are the dedicated application store of Microsoft Outlook 10, which uses a new type of shell and files that are not available for third party "tampering", and a requirement for a permanent online connection to the company's servers - and we hope that the relative failures of Will not push more and more content manufacturers to use these draconian methods, which ultimately will affect the flexibility and choice of consumers who pay legally and standardly for their gaming.

We would love to see more and more titles turn to a track of trust in front of the community of gamers with free versions and completely devoid of files - at least after the "initial" their