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All details about Google's new gaming service - Stadia

The tech giant provides us with more details about the service that guarantees live streaming (almost) on any device you own

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The announcement of the pair of new Pixel devices was accompanied by other interesting details - including the direct streaming platform for gaming from home A monthly fee that meets there .

Even before, we received a declaration that the service will officially go on air during November, and now we have the exact day for the event - starting on Tuesday, November 19, consumers in a limited number of countries (Israel not among them, sadly) will be able to access the online gaming library and start Play at a single moment, without downloads and without installs and regardless of the processing power available on the same device they use, but only depending on its ability to provide a proper and stable connection to the Internet. OnLive is resurrected - with an infinitely large technological backing designed to ensure this time the venture meets expectations.

There's a date for launch in the United States and a small number of Western markets - but don't ask us about availability in Israel ...

Fresh video uploaded to official YouTube channel Listing some more of Stadia's anticipated capabilities as it launches, with a library of several dozen great and up-to-date titles, a dedicated game controller that is also directly linked to Cloud's platform (To minimize stay times) and two economic monthly payment models to access this world.

According to the recent video, Stadia can be accessed from a browser on any desktop or laptop computer (most likely And Chrome OS will be supported as we are hopeful that both Linux and MacOS users will enjoy it as well) and a limited number of And "select" smartphones through Dedicated - When on the stage itself, we received confirmation that the 4 and 4 XL will be the first to support this. An interesting launch gift for the fresh duo.

Made it clear that instruments 4 will be the first smartphones to enjoy access to . How many other devices can enjoy the same capabilities? Not really clear

The Stadia game controller sold separately for 70 dollars is set as the best way to enjoy live streaming gaming, though Stadia will support other game controllers and keyboards and mice if consumers prefer them - but it's worth noting that the service doesn't support the Play as You Can method Other non-streaming services: The free Stadia Basic scale will offer FullHD streaming at up to 60 frames per second and the Stadia Pro monthly fee of $ 10 will offer maximum quality with streaming up to 60 frames per second and with support for, But in both cases the purchase of the games themselves will be required separately in the service's online store, even when the user has already purchased the exact same title in another store in the past.

Official YouTube Video Declare that using Stadia requires Wi-Fi connectivity - and not connectivity Which will probably have difficulty meeting the bandwidth and platform latency requirements

The Stadia Pro rank will be similar to the premium services on Sony and Microsoft consoles and will offer certain free games every month to its subscribers - but that still doesn't stop the offer from Feel significantly valuable in relation to services like Game Pass or Access that provides full access to up-to-date title libraries for a reasonable monthly fee, with no additional payment required for each game and game.

Premium quality service - and premium prices

Is this really the future of gaming, or is it another promise that will crash because of obvious artificial limitations and an insufficiently competitive business model? Welcome everyone to share your point of view in the comments.

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