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Five New Billionaires: Disney's Peak 2019 Record

Mouse studios continue to break every possible record in Hollywood and now make five different titles that crossed $ 1 billion each on the big screen - with two more likely to reach the end of the year

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The year 2019 was predicted as a very successful year for the movie business of studios Thanks to a rare combination of some of their favorite and most powerful brands ever, but even the most optimistic are probably surprised by the company's performance on the big screen so far, with more and more blockbusters exceeding expectations.

The 'Toy Story 4' movie crossed the billions of dollars in movie theaters after 55 days on the big screen - thus joining The Avengers: End of the Game, which has done the most incredible latelyCaptain Marvel, Aladdin andThe Lion King'And became the fifth studio film to reach 2019. A new world record.

Congratulations - another movie has become a billionaire for the company that has taken over the film world unprecedented

In fact, only two Of all the launches In the current year, movie theaters have failed to reach $ 1 billion in revenue - the novelty of the 'Dumbo' movie, which is the company's only box office failure on 2019 and the 'Penguins' documentary, which was never intended to be a huge financial success. If this is not a very glamorous record year, it is difficult to describe what it will answer to this definition.

Disney Studios has so far brought in more than $ 8 billion worldwide, an unprecedented amount that has overshadowed Disney's record itself (7.61 Billion in 2016) - and we're only in August, remember, Like 'The Lion King' and 'Toy Story 4' which continue to rake in cinemas and three other titles the Giant Company is set to launch by the end of the year: 'Maleficent: The Evil Lord' with Angelina Jolie and 'Breaking the Ice 2' and 'Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker'.

Also the sequel to one of the most surprising successes Will hit a billion when it launches this November? All estimates say the answer is positive

Natural past data estimate that 'Breaking Ice 2' and 'Skywalker Rise' will be another two Breakthrough blockbusters that cross $ 1 billion in revenue, increasing Disney's record of 2019 to seven That has crossed the huge figure - and will also help the company reach a total cinematic revenue of more than 10 billion a year.

The latest installment in the new Star Wars saga will catapult the brand to new heights - or disappoint like the separate story on Han Solo last year?

Not sure if sometime in the near future we'll see you Coming back to those huge numbers from 2019, but one thing is certain - the company has never been in better shape and ripe for the launch of its new ambitious project - Disney Plus's streaming service in North America this November, hoping to garner tens of millions of monthly subscriptions similar to the international success of .

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