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The new brilliance: Ford cars can be drunk and driven

The automaker has developed a system that allows you to drink water that is produced from a somewhat surprising source - the air conditioner

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The water that thickens on the car's air conditioners for the most part simply drips onto the road as a useless and useless side-effect. Now they are developing a system that will store the water, filter it and pump it to the faucet near the driver's seat. The water will be of drinking water quality and will, of course, be used for additional needs, such as personal hygiene and the like.

Water tap for drinking at the touch of a button
Water tap for drinking at the touch of a button

According to Ford engineer Doug Martin, the idea of ​​building the drinking water tank in the car came up when he read an article about a bulletin board in Peru, which installed a system that condenses the water in the air and thus provides drinking water to residents cut off from the water system. On the basis of the same principle, the engineer designed the system in a vehicle so that it would be possible to consume drinking water while traveling. When the driver presses a button installed on the side of the tap, the system draws the water from the reservoir and passes it through a filtration system to the cab for personal use.

A faucet for passengers in the cab with filtered water from the air conditioner
A faucet for passengers in the cab with filtered water from the air conditioner

According to Martin, the advantages of the system he developed may contribute to developing countries where there is insufficient access to drinking water. He also noted that the system would allow water to be brought into it that is not sufficiently clean from an external source and the system will perform the filtering and allow drinking the water after passing through it. Although in the engineer's vision the main contribution of the system is in developing countries, it seems that even in advanced countries the system can be used for the convenience of drivers on the way without having to bring water from the house or buy them at the gas station.

Ford's drinking water system is still in process . In the meantime it is not clear when it will be installed in the vehicles produced by Ford or in which countries will be available.


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  1. There are so many jokes that fit the situation.

    A picture of the desert.

    The composition of Ford.

    Trace tires are traveling right and left at a chaotic pace.

    Above it says: DUNE

    And down below: DRIVE WITHOUT RHYTHM

  2. Expect the next "Flash" in the new Ford model.
    A toilet seat is built into the seat so if you are stuck in a two hour long traffic jam and die for shit you no longer have to dirty your pants and seat.
    You're probably kidding but in ten years this will be the standard ..
    Ergonomics at its best.
    Now just missing an autonomous inflatable rubber doll that comes out from under the wheel and makes you good while driving ……
    And gay people will have a special version of a seat with an integrated rod …… ..

  3. Sounds really safe and healthy…

    I do not know how it will work but it seems to me that it's a narrow opening instead of just putting a separate container.

    Besides, it's really a problem to clean the inside of the air conditioner (at least in my vehicle)…. And enough that you have mold in that container can make you sick…

    The truth is that a can of urine in the car can be a bad idea… kakka is a little exaggerated.

    I remember Yair Nitzani saying he would have a bottle in his car so he could pee into it.

  4. You have salts in your body, nothing from distilled water will happen to you unless you drink them and you don't eat….

    The dirt / mold in the air conditioner certainly seems to me like the bigger problem here

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