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Now in Israel: YouTube Premium for ad-free videos

The service of the regular monthly paid video platform has finally landed in the country - and you have a month to experiment with it to decide if you want to pay NIS 24 a month for it

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Tired of commercials? There is a refuge: four years after being born under the name Red and went through a number of commercial incarnations - Premium Service A regular monthly fee, which is currently sold under the requested name Premium, finally available to the Israeli public officially.

Internet users will now be able to choose to turn their account into the formidable home video platform An upgraded account that includes content access Exclusive (under the name YouTube Originals), eliminating all the annoying commercials that play before and sometimes even during the videos, the ability to continue listening and watching videos in the background in a thumbnail window for smart devices, the ability to download videos for future viewing even when there is no Internet connection and access to the YouTube Music application Which lets you listen to music and content from YouTube even without .

The long-awaited service that promotes mobile advertising has arrived

Service Premium is offered in the United States for a single user at a cost of 12 dollars a month - while in the country the price will be NIS 24 each month, after a free trial at the time of initial registration. Who said the Israeli audience couldn't make a profit?

There are many reasons to like it Premium - Including the surprisingly positive price of what is available in other countries around the world

The YouTube Premium subscription is set up as a single-user service, and while it appears that you can enjoy an ad-free experience on all devices connected to the same account - services like watching YouTube Originals content or using YouTube Music will be limited to a single platform at any given time. Offers the option of upgrading to a six-user family account for an additional $ 8 a month in the United States (and many other countries), but similar to the Spotify streaming service, this option is not currently available to the Israeli public.

Israelis cannot choose a user upgrade to a family version for some reason

Is it possible that the next step of Will be opening its online sales platform to the Israeli market, or maybe even launching the video streaming service TV? It won't hurt a bit, though there's no doubt that these are much bigger ventures than the launch of Premiums that will require substantial physical local infrastructure to succeed. Until that happens, we will settle for the ability to watch unneeded videos on our smart devices.

Signed up for a trial month? Don't forget to download the app Music for your smart devices

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