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The Garage of the Future: Assessing the Damage at the Click of a Button

ProovStation technology does not need human help to assess your vehicle's condition

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Countless assignments have already become, become, and will become more efficient and faster in the near future thanks to artificial intelligence - and a French company called WeProov hopes to be the first to bring the fast-approaching revolution to automotive garages, with fewer reasons to rely and mostly wait for the mastermind's operations.

At the CES 2020 show, we heard at the company's booth about the ProovStation system it has developed and hopes to begin integrating into garages worldwide as soon as possible - a system of more than 25 high-quality high-speed cameras capable of delivering a comprehensive visual scan of a car in just three seconds, with about 600 Overall variance. After this initial step, reliance on computational learning-based software can be used to find and immediately assess the damage to the tool - with all the data being received in a detailed digital report in a very short time, compared to the tens of minutes (and beyond) that it takes a garage worker to complete similar damage reporting today.

Why fill out a handwritten form when you can take photos - and let computers do all the rest
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It is quite likely that in the first stage, the human element will still be based on parts of the process - examination of the vehicle's condition under the hood, examination of the vehicle's operation in practice while traveling and also processing of the data in the computerized reports, but with time and further development of the technology is not too difficult Imagine a future in which insurance companies can fully rely on autonomous machines to perform a very quick comprehensive test for vehicles (and not only) and significantly expedite the process of filing the claim and receiving reimbursements.

No more rascals and quarrels with the appraiser on prices? We hold fingers
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WeProov states that the ProovStation can not only save you despairing waiting times in the garage - but also make the results more reliable and the repairs themselves cheaper. Is this the pink future we all look forward to without being aware of it? Let's talk about it in the comments.


Potential 20 percent savings in the total cost of repairs for business owners - let's hope that the car owners themselves will enjoy their piece too
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