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Not Easy Through It: Uncharted Cinema Rejected

After the loss of another director - the cinematic adaptation to the successful home series It will no longer be available to screeners during the current year

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Make games For movies, it's a lot more difficult business than it sounds - which most people already know, after countless bombastic failures that actually looked bad on paper. However, some high-quality successes (Detective Pikachu last year is a good example - thanks to $ 430 million in worldwide revenue) ensure that those attempts will not go away in the foreseeable future.

The famous Uncharted games series of And developer Naughty Dog has been trying to become a movie since 2008, under the efforts of Israeli-American super producer Abby Arad, but for now, the troubles and tribulations seem to be over - although there seems to be a ready script and actors Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg (in the roles of Nathan Drake and Victor Sullivan respectively) will be the ones to star in it, now the director's chair again orphaned, leaving no cinematic arm of the company A choice but to declare a rejection on the intended launch date.

Major actors already have - but director Travis Knight (who directed the Bumblebee movie and some of Laika's great animated animated films) has had to abandon due to conflict with his other business commitments

Uncharted is set to hit the big screen during the current year, December 18, but is now being extended for another three months and is scheduled to land on March 5, 2021 - assuming that the studio people find the right director available for filming just a moment before Tom The Netherlands will begin filming for the next film in the Spider-Man series and could bring another shake-up to the production plans.

Ruben Fleischer, who did for The hit Venom and the duo of Zombieland, considered the leading candidate for the director role now - though the matter is not yet final and official

We really won't resist getting another movie That does grace with the gaming brand it is based on, but Uncharted's long road certainly does not add to our confidence by delivering the goods as a modern version of the Indiana Jones series unfortunately - and that leaves us with Sonic the Hedgehog as the main standout for 2020 which Based on a brand from the gaming world, when in this case, expectations and hopes seem to be in the sky after some successful improvements. Good luck!

The upgraded Sonic the Hedgehog (right) is coming to the cinema very soon - and according to the latest estimates it is capable of becoming a significant economic hit


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