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Getting Ready for Prime Day: Get 20 Dollars Discount for Amazon Shopping

The retail giant is vigorously preparing for its two largest sales days - offering customers three different opportunities to enjoy a discount on their next purchase

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The celebration of operations and self-shopping The Prime Day, the second largest in the world, will be held this year for an extended period of 48 between 15 in July and 16 in July - and if you wish, you can get to this digital event more willing with a discount of 10 dollars or even 20 dollars in your pocket.

Amazon USA offers a discount of $ 10 for purchase in excess of $ 50 All those who install the Amazon Assistant in their Chrome browser on the PC - an add-on that provides suggestions and purchase recommendations on the platform even without surfing the site itself. All you need to do after installation is to open the application and demand the deal, which will be available for about a month from now for every purchase you make through the Assistant interface itself.

Trying to convince you to first install the online assistant in your browser with a juicy discount

Have not you downloaded the Amazon Mobile app to your smartphone yet and have not logged in with your user? You can earn another $ 10 as a discount if you decide to do so for the first time now - there is no multiplication of these assumptions but you can take advantage of them on various occasions depending on availability to check In this link.

The Mobile app will also give you a discount if you have not used it before - just do not forget that you also need a subscription Prime for this purpose

Please note that in order to qualify for these two offers you must have an Amazon Prime account - you can register for a trial month (with the need to enter valid international credit card information, please note) through This link.

The stated purpose of this sales event is to persuade more and more consumers to sign up for the prime service with a fixed monthly fee - so you should consider registering for a month of experience now so you do not miss an opportunity. After this period you can decide whether you want to become a paying user or cancel your subscription

For dessert, do you have an international credit card from a national company or from Pepper (a card that includes a logo from one of these companies, as opposed to a credit card from another company issued through these banks)? Congratulations - You can use the coupon code LEUMI20 To receive 20 dollars discount on the purchase of over 50 dollars in the store, Out of the inventory of products offered and supplied through herself.

Credit card holders of Leumi or its Pepper subsidiary are eligible for an additional exclusive deal

Of course we will be here and we will update you on all the best deals, Prime Day and his brother - so do not forget to keep track!

We're already looking forward to it and wondering what serious surprises we can get, and you?

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