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Golan Telecom takes down the gloves: all included in the 49 NIS a month

The young cellular operator has to meet aggressive recruitment targets in order not to lose its guarantee fee and offers a particularly lucrative price (for half a year) to mobile operators

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Golan Telecom, the new non-virtual operator that was one of the architects The cellular price revolution in Israel, Is in the race not only against suppliers Competing but also against time - if it does not reach the user recruitment targets set for it as part of its winning bid, it will "lose" hundreds of millions of dollars deposited as a guarantee.

This constant pressure is working, it seems, and now The company announces a new operation That once again breaks all the cellphone market conventions and standards - an all inclusive package at a cost of NIS 49 per month (instead of NIS 99 per month) for six months, for passengers from other companies.

As part of the promotion, which starts today and continues until 21 in January 2013, consumers will receive unlimited calls and messages (as part of the Reasonable Private Use Rules), an 3GB volume pack (over which no additional charge will be charged, but the speed of browsing will be significantly reduced) and free calls to landlines -53 countries - all for NIS 49 per month, for the first six months.

The best deal in the country right now?

The offer is intended for customers who move their number from another provider (as opposed to new customers who join Golan Telecom directly and who will not be eligible for the offer price), where the company defines "new movers" as customers who will remain subscribers "for a minimum period of six months", that is, throughout the promotion period.
It is not clear whether this condition will be enforced on the Golan Heights (if a customer wants to move to a company Otherwise before the end of the six month offer for which he is entitled to Golan Telecom - will a retroactive payment of NIS 99 be charged per month?), But in any case it is a particularly lucrative deal that also gives users the ability to choose whether to stay in the Golan after the end of the offer, or to join another company on searches Another very attractive operation.

Want to join or be safe? Tell us what you think about the reactions!


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  1. And what about existing customers?
    I understand that it seems legitimate to make deals for newcomers, but I hope that competing companies will take a similar step that will make Golan keep existing customers close to her chest ...

  2. It's a shame you don't consider old customers
    In the free two-month offer to Belgian subscribers, but now it is already excessive!
    Why do new customers pay 49 and old customers 99? Are we less good?
    On the contrary, we are more loyal and stay even though every week a different company lowers prices to 88 and 79!
    I say pay homage to Paz !:-)

  3. I don't understand consumers at all ..
    Golan give a NIS XNUM package. They pay for a certain rate exception (especially cheap). I use unlimited devices - both calls and browsing (although most do not have to because there is WIFI) and my average invoice does not pass the 10 NIS .. So do yourself a favor - give up the "unlimited" and just go for the 30 It would be cheaper than any competitor or supplier on the market.

  4. To 4
    Then they will change the track name to "All Inclusive Unlimited" and add 0 in the right place!

  5. A sad day for Golan
    As a follower of this company when it was an ambitious idea, I was really sorry to see how a company that regretted diggling consumer simplicity has become another company that confuses the mind with promotions and nonsense (99 after six months isn't the least expensive market).
    I had a plan to move to Golan Ashkara from Ideology, because I saw them in a certain line (as they say - enough to be suckers), but now I would just go for the cheapest on the market without knocking an account.

    With the old Triopole companies (Pelephone / Cellcom / Partner) now offering packages that start cheap and then become affordable after a period, it seems like a pathetic attempt to compete in the market. I say with heart that we have seen this exercise too many times.
    And unfortunately, Golan seems to be rolling there…

  6. The new operators are balancing competition that will be lacking in the market
    Everyone who joins Golan contributes to increased competition and to Golan and to keeping another company in the market for the benefit of consumers

  7. 8 You are one of the delusions
    99 It's not "the least expensive on the market to say the least".
    Golan Telecom was and remains the most lucrative supplier.
    The one that HotMobile decided to go for cheaper 10 is nice, but this is: a. Did not include overseas calls; B. They completely blocked the option of turning the device into an internet access point .. WTF.
    Although these two sections in my opinion have already changed, but still - the whole 10 is NIS. You present it as if Golan is "stinky prickly" and it's just ridiculous, how did you say, "to say the least."

    Golan is still finding a significantly cheaper price than the old companies, and in return it also gives a lot more - 6 (!!!!!) - 3 gigabyte vs 500 mega (!) And unlimited calls overseas. As stated at a * cheaper * price.

    So, please, your sponsored responses will save someone else because your lies don't make any impression.

  8. do not forget!! If you do not (move!) Support the new companies, they will close
    And the prices will jump back up !!

  9. Response from 9 to 11
    Delusional or not:

    A. Most clients (and myself) are not interested in overseas calls.
    (Whoever, really will probably go for Golan)
    B. There is a law that prohibits the restriction of the use of the cellular Internet and the law so that the issue no longer exists.
    third. I haven't talked about the veterans, if you compare Hotmobile then browsing them on the 89 route is unlimited with slowing down after 3G just like Golan.

    Again, what bothers me is that they put themselves in the circle of companies whose every statement is accompanied by little asterisks ..

  10. Golan subscription - but unfortunately must leave due to absorption problems
    I have been subscribed to Golan for months, but it has become unbearable, I am from the west and my phone goes crazy and the calls go off and sometimes I have no reception to make a call - this is XPERIA RAY and all the settings are intentional, I was in Rami Levy and did not suffer, now considering returning to the Orange infrastructure Biophone though more lying.
    It depends on everyone in their place of residence - those who do not suffer from absorption disorders are indeed an excellent company and as they grow stronger we will earn.

  11. Stupid consumers
    Instead of supporting the company that led the mobile market upheaval, after years of billing hundreds of shekels, they are crying about NIS 10 in their monthly bill.
    Did you even get an 500 account from Cellcom when you asked why it is not 490?
    Put your money in Hot Mobile, you probably haven't learned who Cellcom, Orange, Cellphone, Hot. When a day comes and the "small" companies won't hold up because consumers have preferred a dime for another company - all of us will go up again and see what you do. Simply a state of stupid consumers, and this is reflected in the comments here.

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