Google Introduces: The Big Surprise of the Gaming World?

Online streaming of games makes a big comeback with the E- The new company giant. Will this time work properly, and will also be available in our little country?

Somewhere in the middle of the last decade, a company called OnLive emerged, promising us a whole new approach to the gaming world. Instead of maintaining and upgrading an expensive home gaming machine every few years to maintain the ability to run the latest works of the highest quality, Online solution to a client computer that can also be based on very basic hardware, all at a fixed monthly price that allows access to all content without limitation.

The idea was revolutionary but Internet technology was not mature enough to support it - and so OnLive's venture ended with a dismal breakdown in 2015, with the sale of the patents to Sony. Over the years we have seen a few more attempts to turn the gaming stream into reality - but it is possible that the big bang is still ahead, Do not race and evaluate similar attempts on the part of And others that are in advanced stages of preparation.

OnLive's spirit continues to live - no other way than Herself

The Internet giant and technology has officially announced the , Its direct streaming service for gaming, based on the network technologies and server technologies it has developed over the years to try to turn the old vision into a modern reality in an age where wired and wireless connectivity (with the fifth cellular generation that is gaining momentum) is more reliable,

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Almost all games may be a few seconds away from you down the road - without the need for downloading, installing or purchasing hardware

The Stadia service is designed to stream leading games to the Chrome browser with resolutions up to 4K and up to 60 frames per second, including support for HDR technologies - so virtually every platform that supports the browser from You can enjoy this ability, from smartphones and tablets through personal computers to smart TVs or simple TVs that connect media from the Chromecast family. Is not satisfied with this and apart from cooperation with distributors such as And 2K Games plans to develop its own major titles, with Jade Raymond, who was once a senior cog And in As the project leader who will also support the development and integration efforts of other developers to the service.

The use of cloud processing platforms will overcome most of the hacking methods currently known in online games - and will allow consumers to continue from the same point playing exactly transition from one system to another

As part of the demonstrations on the stage at the announcement ceremony, we received an impressive vision where consumers can view a YouTube video about a game, select the dedicated Play Now button, and find themselves playing the same title in just a few seconds, including the possibility of streaming directly or uploading the experience back to The YouTube platform, as a mechanism that will unite viewers, And content creators.

The Unity and Unreal Engine engines support the Both for players and for developers who will not need their own dedicated hardware - and there is also support from the Havok physical engine with the potential to make these effects more compatible and advanced for all players

Google has announced that Stadia will be based in the second quarter of the year on more than 7,500 access stations throughout the world - to minimize user downtime and increase the display quality or online gaming capabilities shared by platform consumers , Which sounds like the most significant and significant advantage that the company has to offer compared to past projects or existing initiatives such as Sony's PlayStation Now service on PlayStation 4 or GeForce Now from .

The official launch soon - is it also for Israel?

Each Stadia user will have exclusive access to an advanced computer system that includes 16GB of dynamic memory, a dedicated graphics card from home With maximum performance of 10.7TFLOPS which sounds like any compatible version of the X- RX 56 and an anonymous main processor that includes an 2.7GHz frequency (it is not clear how many physical cores are available for it at this speed) and support for AVX2 commands - where the platform also supports growth if necessary for the stated future support of streaming at resolutions of And display rates up to 120 frames per second.

Significant processing power for each user - when developers can access a large number of integrated systems that will multiply the resources and performance of course

Stadia will support the use of mouse and keyboard as well as the use of most wired and wireless gaming controllers, already in addition Will offer its own dedicated game controller, which will be the only piece of hardware available to end-users within the service (at least at this point) Assistant and for saving the broadcast content for uploading as a video below - although at this stage we do not yet know what the price of the product will be.

Eternal future, Assassin's Creed Odyssey and NBA 2K19 were mentioned as some of the big names to support the, When Google claims not to restrict consumers to a particular gaming store, thereby increasing the existing support and potential with maximum effectiveness

Is this the next great revolution, leading to a future in which no one really needs a powerful local system to play the most advanced titles in the market, or actually perform any significant computational action (since the concept of Can, of course, also be extended to other professional processing applications)? We will continue to follow with interest the developments on this intriguing subject.