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It's time for Google to stop rummaging through your Gmail for advertising purposes

Years after the aggressive campaign that Molla conducted , The technology giant announces the official cancellation of the controversial method of customizing advertisements for its consumers

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One of the largest revenue engines of Even today, it is advertisements, usually within the same free services it provides to every user of the network in a way that has long since become self-evident. To ensure that the same advertisements are as relevant as possible, the company urges surfers to use their personal Google account for each service and every action, to create an accurate profile and to tailor the specific content offered to them. It might not be pleasant to think that somewhere in the corner of the network has an 'identity card' for you that is constantly evolving and evolving - but that is the truth, and a more or less necessary condition for receiving all those quality and free services.

To date, one of Google's most controversial ways to match ads to users has come as part of the world's most popular email service, , There was also a scan (automatically and without apparent human intervention) of the content of the letters you send and receive.

Gmail aligns its privacy settings with all other services from within - even in his free home versions that we all know

Needless to say, for many users, this is a serious penetration of privacy, but the bottom line is that an advertising campaign from Microsoft (which tried to convince users to switch to alternative services), which was distributed a few years ago, In this matter, the work of scanning the content continued.

Now, Google is finally coming out In a small declaration But important and joyful - as part of the decision to move to a uniform line of customizing products for users across all its online services, the company will officially stop the For the purpose of adjusting the advertising content to all users. This was done after using accounts defined as accounts for the world of instruction and within organizational accounts with a subscription to the expanded G Suite services.

This means that the ads in Gmail will become similar to ads in the other giant apps, with customization based on the general settings of the Gmail account, The specific one used, where users also have the option of requiring the ad customization to be fully discontinued, if they wish. This certainly does not mean that Google will stop following you, but it does mean that the method will be a little clearer and more uniform, with the possibility of some consumer control of a single menu in his personal account.

Continue to automatically sort and filter all your messages onBut now it will be mainly for technical reasons - and slightly less for 'personal' reasons and a desire to increase revenue

This is the time to note that Google will continue to scan the content of the emails passing through Google, Of each and every one, although for other and slightly more common purposes of filtering spam messages, automatically sorting the content, blocking suspicious files, and so forth. This is a small step, but one that is supposed to provide a small sense of relief to all those who fear their privacy (or lack of privacy) in the modern technological era.


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