Guns and wheels: the electric car of the Russian arms company HWzone

Guns and wheels: the electric car of the Russian arms company

Kalashnikov, which sells mainly because of the tool it has developed - now wants to save the world some air pollution

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The Russian automotive industry is not really considered fancy, but it does not stop them from pursuing aspirations and dreams for a more successful future - and also greener, as part of the cost-effective electric vehicle trend that causes much less pollution than gasoline and diesel vehicles. The company that has taken the lead in the giant state will no doubt surprise you - because you have so far known it primarily from violent action games.

Kalashnikov, the concern for the development and manufacture of the most famous assault rifles) and countless tools Others, starting from the end of the 19 century), surprised everyone when he introduced the civilian CV-1 - Retro style which draws inspiration from another popular sample sourced somewhere in the Soviet automotive industry of the seventies.

Meet the first car of the AK47 and AK74 artists

From some angles it is mistaken to think that this is some kind of stretch or joke, based on a simple plastic body with nothing real below it, but the media sources seem to be quite convinced that this is a real and real development - with relatively impressive data including a maximum-powered 295 horsepower engine Moves all four wheels, array With a total capacity of 90 kilowatt-hour which should provide 350 miles of travel and also six seconds acceleration from zero to 100 km / h.

The company also develops civilian motorcycles based on electric motors, so it seems that this is not a one-time whim but a new and significant direction

It is not yet clear when they will start to produce the belligerent car commercially or how much it will cost to those interested, but with the declared goal of competing with the popular models of American Tesla there is no doubt that it will be interesting to keep track of this project in the future.

The interior is a headlamp and the interior also looks relatively modern - but on the other hand the wipers and handles appear to come straight from the dismantling grounds

The Izh 2125 - the inspiration for the electric version


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  1. Amazing, if there is a real nuclear war and we would like to live in a post-apocalyptic style Fallout state, this will probably be Russia.

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