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"Half a hitch" on Facebook's social networks

updating: After more than 12 hours of difficulties, it seems that the problems have been fixed and all platforms are back to work and display media properly - at least for now.

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The original article: Can not view media files in Watsap, Instagram or Facebook? You're not alone

Not so pleasant hours are spent on social media addicts, especially the popular social networks under the umbrella of Mark Zuckerberg and his men: , And Instagram, which all suffer from a problem accessing media files.

Many users in Israel and around the world report difficulty or inability to receive and view images, videos and audio files sent to them on the popular instant messaging platform or appear in the torch. At present, the cause of the problem is not clear and there is no official forecast for its solution, but it is hard to ignore the fact that this is another point in the chain of technical failures encountered With all her arms in recent months. It turns out that it is not really simple to manage and serve billions of users every single day.

Thousands of bug reports for each of the three huge social networks owned by Facebook

Along with the bug in one of Cloudladare's systems that brought hundreds of thousands of sites across the globe yesterday for about an hour, it seems that this week is not one of the most successful in our network recently.

Cloudflare members have managed to overcome their international malfunction within a relatively short time - meanwhile it seems that in the The process is longer, but we hope that it will also reach its successful conclusion soon

Do you also experience the problems on Facebook and its parallels or not? Let's share your comments.


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