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The IDF against Hamas: The technological aspect of Operation `Column Cloud`

The image war that has been taking place in the social networks between the IDF and the Palestinian terrorist organizations has gained momentum in recent days "pillar of Defense". In addition, the IDF demands that residents refrain from taking pictures of rocket landing sites, while at the same time Hamas began sending threatening messages to residents of the south
In recent days anonymous hackers have claimed to have opened In the cyber war Against Israeli sites, as a result "pillar of Defense". However, this is not the only technological feature of the recent military operation, which began with the November 14 in response to a Palestinian escalation in the Gaza Strip.
Ironically, this is a military operation that started with a squeak from the official Twitter account IDF spokesperson Which explicitly stated that the IDF launched a wide-ranging campaign against Hamas and Islamic Jihad targets in the Gaza Strip, and only a few minutes later, another tweet was published that confirmed that former chief of staff Ahmad Jabari had been killed in a targeted attack, Which ignited the massive rocket fire into the past In recent days.
The chirping of the IDF Spokesperson, who opened the "pillar of Defense"
It should be noted that the IDF Spokesman's Twitter account constantly publishes tweets regarding the security situation - and even aerial and video photographs of attacks and assassinations published by the spokesman himself. Hamas As well as updates regarding the release of rocket barrages at Israeli cities. However, it is certainly worth noting that, contrary to the factual shouts of the IDF Spokesperson, the terrorist organizations are mixed with great propaganda and sometimes even lies designed to convey a clear psychological warfare.
The assassination of Ahmed Jabari was accompanied by a fair amount of propaganda on the part of the IDF

Terror, high-tech style
These days, in which social networks occupy a great deal of space in the lives of many of us, Palestinians and Muslims from around the world (as well as Jews from Israel and the Diaspora) are trying to shape world public opinion regarding the security situation in the Gaza Strip.
Shooting of a rocket landing site (direct hit) in one of the southern cities. These are photographs that raise morale among the terrorist organizations
Many of the residents of the south who want to share with the world the situation they face daily, choose to photograph the sites of rocket hits and to share the pictures on social networks. Some of them, it should be noted, also add accurate location tags of the sites of the falls - which contributes greatly to the terrorist organizations in Gaza who fire the rockets, since they can exact the firing and receive accurate measurements regarding the locations of the missiles. As a result, the IDF demands that Israeli citizens and residents of the south in particular not indicate where the rockets fired by Hamas have fallen, especially not to publish them (Along with locations) of falling sites on the Instagram, Facebook and Twitter networks.
The message sent from Hamas to residents of Israel
Apart from the social networks and the Internet, it appears that Hamas has also begun exploiting the cellular networks for psychological warfare. In recent days, Palestinian terror organizations have begun sending threatening messages to civilians In which a broken message was written in Hebrew that "Gaza will become a cemetery for soldiers and in Tel Aviv, flames will rise."
While the terrorist organizations in Gaza boast that they managed to send text messages to more than 5,000 cell phones belonging to Israeli civilians (some of them soldiers), the IDF noted that yesterday, messages were sent to more than 12,000 from the Gaza Strip, "At the bottom line, all that is left is to see how the operation will continue to roll - even if it expands to other directions, there is no doubt that the technological aspect is the most influential in this campaign, which represents the era of computers, Internet and cellular.
In addition, the following is one of the international propaganda videos published by the IDF Spokesperson's Office On the YouTube channel Official:

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