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High above them all: Hyundai's Flying Taxi and Uber premiere

Company Although forced to fight different bureaucracy around the world at present - but is already looking to the future in a promising flying collaboration with Hyundai

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The pioneer in the field of reading Uber has been talking for years about cars with meat and blood drivers being just an intermediate stage for the future where we enjoy autonomous flying shuttles that are a few clicks away from us at any given moment. It's still something that sounds a bit like Fiction, but the company decided to show everyone that they were not joking - and made sure to place a flying taxi prototype which is a high profile collaboration with the Korean Hyundai at one of the key locations in the CES 2020 exhibition.

The massive electric vehicle has yet to receive an official name (the innovative category is PAV - Personal Air Vehicle) but looks like a sort of combination between a seaplane and a helicopter, with vertical take-off and vertical landing (VTOL), space for five passengers, flight speeds of up to 290 km 100 meters above ground level - and a flight range of about XNUMX miles, combined with the most agile loading time of between five and seven minutes, which can boost upward commercial viability compared to today's electric vehicles technology (with tens of minutes Or even hours of charging at a time).

The development is for the South Korean car giant first and foremost - but the collaboration with the next generation taxi venture of Makes it much more interesting and promising compared to many similar innovative ideas that we have met in recent years
Photo: HWzone

It is likely that it will take several years before we can begin to see tools such as Hyundai's operated in the real world, and in the beginning it will also be performed with a human driver (or pilot) before the requested transition to fully autonomous operation - but within the collaboration with Which is now revealed to be a significant step forward for the field, which feels far more practical. There is now only official certification left to compete with traditional taxi services all over the world.

Hyundai is not content with flying aircraft alone - and offers a comprehensive transport vision that includes major take-off stations and tool arrays Ground autonomous who will take users up to their flying taxi
Photo: HWzone

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