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Hollywood's Great Nightmare: All the big winter movies have been leaked to the Internet

The movie world is raging and noisy, following the leak to the network of some of the most promising films of the current season, of relatively high quality, and before they reached theaters in some cases

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Is this the embodiment of the biggest nightmare of all the leading Hollywood studios? An unprecedented leak in its dimensions brought to the network high-quality versions of a large number of major motion picture films that are intended to reach cinemas in the next two months, and it appears that thousands of requests for the pinning and immediate downloading of pages Publishers of links to download or stream content will no longer help to prevent the avalanche, which could critically impair the commercial success of titles and studios alike.

Among the leaked films can be found The 'reborn man' (The Revenant) This is very much a starring of Leonardo DiCaprio, The Hateful Eight is no less Of Quentin Tarantino, as well as other films already launched in theaters such as Spectre James Bond, Joy, Creed, The biographical film by Danny Boyle About Steve Jobs And others.


In spite of all the far-reaching attempts that have been made in recent times to stop or even eliminate it altogether - network piracy seems to be rampant

The FBI has begun investigating the origin of the big leaked film, which comes from a pirate group called Hive-CM8, and at least it seems that at least some of the cases are copies of quality Sent to senior executives in certain film production and financing companies, and were leaked or sold to interested parties by any junior representatives who received the shipment.


Such leaks are not a new issue and usually occur at least a few times each year in the modern era in which the distance between a single physical copy and circulation International is a few minutes - but the large scale (in the Hive-CM8 group declare that they have such 40 titles) and the surprising timing of the leak in this case undoubtedly puts the film industry in shock, and could cause significant changes in access to information security, and perhaps even the production of the film itself, in the coming years .



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