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Hot: Internet package at 500 megabits per second next week

Has anyone said revolution and not received? After being threatened by the launch of the new Cellcom TV service, HOT will launch a package With a half-gigabit download speed in the process to differentiate itself from the market and its competitors

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G.Fast technology of Will allow it to compare the new speed of Until you switch to an absolute fiber-optic infrastructure

Bezeq, before you: HOT, Internet provider, services And Cellular is expected to launch next week a package With 500 mega-bit market-breaking download speed. In a quick translation of the speed into everyday values, you can download (legally, of course) an HD movie that weighs about 5 gigabytes at a theoretical time of about 80 seconds only, with a download speed of 62.5 MB per second.

The new package comes after a number of new Internet service providers have been established in recent months Unlimited, The Israel Electric Corporation's optical fiber project, Which builds a fiber array Across the country to provide symmetrical speeds of over gigabits. The current hot technology relies on to deliver the half-gigabyte speed of the new package is called "", Based on standard DSL lines.

The way providers can (Such as Bezeq) to provide these high speeds up to a gigabit per second on the existing infrastructure relies on optical fiber on the one hand, but on the other hand, using the technology, also on copper cables. Optical fibers will reach the consumer building, from which copper cables can be relied upon in the vast majority of residential buildings. This arrangement is possible only because of the short distance that the copper cables must pass, when a greater distance would not allow the transfer of this speed.

An experimental deployment of the fiber project from the Electric Company in Be'er Sheva a few months ago

The hottest package Hot has to offer today is included in the Triple Pack "iPlatinum"Of the company, which offers services With 168 channels, Up to 200 megabit (5 megabit upload) and unlimited (fixed and mobile) phone at the price of 399 per month (109 for the first three months). On the other hand, Bezeq offers a package At a maximum speed of 100 megabits per second (and 3 megabits upload) at the price of NIS 119 per month.

A formal response from Hot is not yet on the subject, but we are certainly pleased to see lively competition in the Internet, with further innovations expected to come later this year thanks to optical fibers.


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  1. At this point I don't really care if my download speed is 50, 100 or 500. If I don't get my normal upload speed, I'll probably skip.

  2. Assuming they are very likely to use SAGEMCOM equipment, there are only 2 options for such connection, the first is based on docsis 3.0 16X4 (with [Email protected] 3486) means that 16 channels go down and 4 goes up and then the maximum speed is about 600 / 100Mb. The second option is FTTH and then the limit is not important at the moment.
    In any case, it's likely to be 500 / 20 or something like that ...

  3. You wrote: "You've spent a maximum of 100 megabits per second (three gigabits upload) at high speed"
    3GB upload…? (Is that true ...? Makes sense? ... Is there such a thing?

  4. It does not just depend on the megaphone it also depends on the quality of their devices they need to invest in the instruments they put in homes and invest much more.

  5. French CEO = French equipment = Shit equipment. SAGEMCOM More improvement over what was before, you can even get on their equipment which is reasonable.

  6. By the time they answer the phone already Unlimited will come to Na'an Peak (I do not live there)

  7. A very, very confused article about her basic details.
    Sometimes it's better not to take out a column like this

  8. I read all kinds of articles recently and it was listed that in order to enjoy the speed of browsing, the latency of the line should be better, not necessarily the download speed. Moving to 5 / 10 Mega Downloading has almost no effect ...
    And joins everyone else in knowing the speed of the upload and the price. Will there be a limit to the amount of scale they will allow to download.

  9. I'm currently interested in what will be the upload speed if at the moment in 200 I get 5 mega width width I from the rest of 500 we get somewhere between 8 and 15 mega upload .. Of course it's a wild guessing

  10. With their mega 100 I barely reach 8-10 MB per second ..
    Before they improve the existing infrastructure!

  11. With their 100 mega, I can barely reach 8-10 mega per second .. before they improve existing infrastructure!


  12. It seems that the equipment is not ready yet or they do not feel the need to take it out because they are not so competitive.

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