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Hot offers upgrade and surfing speed to 100 Mega for free

Has the landlord gone mad? At HOT, they decided to chaperone the triple-surfing customers who surf the Internet at low speed, upgrading the package for free. The move comes after a similar move a month ago
In recent months it seems that the surfing packages related to the cellular market are in place In a downward trend Oh - and now, even the standard web browsing packages go in the same positive and blessed direction. In recent weeks a company has been founded And offered its customers automatic upgrade of Internet surfing speed to 15 Mega, at no additional charge. Now, also a company Takes off the gloves and moves from talk to action, with a significantly faster and more significant speed upgrade than the competitor.
The move of Including upgrading the Internet surfing speed for more than 70% of its customers free of charge, while the company is planning a deployment of Which will allow surfing speed of 100 mega. Customers who have a triple package (which includes telephone, internet and television services) will be entitled to speed up the speed completely.
The package is aimed primarily at low-speed customers, as they will be able to upgrade to free 12 or 30 mega speeds. 5 mega-speed will be upgraded to 12 Mega, with 12 Mega Speed ​​will be upgraded to 30 when those surfing at a speed of over 30 Mega will be upgraded to 100 Mega, automatically of course without additional charge. The move will immediately cancel the 5 mega surfing package that offers the infrastructure of .
"The move is part of the implementation of our strategy in the communications market." CEO , Herzl Assistant
However, according to the publications, the vast majority of users of Internet services Will be entitled to surfing the speed of 100 Mega without any extra charge on their package. The realization of the operation will be possible only in the cities of Netanya, Rishon Letzion, Be'er Sheva, Haifa and Shoham, since the deployment of the new infrastructure in the other cities will take some time.
In addition, Hot has decided to honor the new move For new customers, which include a 100 triple triple surfing package for free (on the infrastructure side) for a year, the first 10,000 subscribers. Those who are not interested in the triple package will have to pay 140 a month for the speed.
There is no doubt that this is a welcome step that will completely change the Internet market as we have known so far. However, across the network are already beginning to doubt about the good will of the company As part of the reduction process, the upgrade is automatic and free of charge only from the infrastructure, when upgrading the speed at the supplier may pose a serious financial problem for many.
It is also a free upgrade for a year, after which all customers will be required to renew their contract. Some will argue that this is a brilliant marketing move on the part , Since after renewing the contract will find themselves many pay tens of shekels above the package offered them now (without mentioning the additional payment to the supplier).


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  1. Discount for existing customers?
    Will there be a discount for anyone already paying for Triple with 100 Mega?

  2. Hot - As In Holy Communion - "Inaccurate" in Slack ...
    I subscribe to a Triple Gold service that includes TV and HD channels, unlimited minutes of telephone and Internet infrastructure at a rate of 30MB. I have installed their hotbox modem / router "Hotbox" and for all this I pay NIS 283 before VAT (including NISX total). Distinguished CEO Mr. Ozer at his press conference By all the criteria given and published - I really am the target audience for this upgrade.

    Neither bears nor forest. No triple and no upgrade. "You got an offer" - so the lady in the service, "will upgrade to a higher triple and you will receive ..." Then there is a triple for the poor, a triple for the rich, privileged and other vegetables. The main thing is advertising, there are headlines, no benefit and no patience for the trapeze antics of Hot PR spirals. Really starting to get tired of them.

    And don't mention the wonders of the converter called Magic HD. Not this time.

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