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How good to have you back, Sonic

Sega's Blue Hedgehog wins a renewed cinematic trailer - and manages to capture the audience after the gruesome first round six months ago

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Make a movie Successful and successful based on the gaming world brand is not an easy task at all, indicating dozens of very jarring failures along with individual successes (the latest, and perhaps the biggest, of the year, Detective Pikachu). Those who learned about it were Paramount Studios and Sega Company members, who hope to make Sonic the Hedgehog a movie star New - and decided to give it a different look for this transformation.

This saga began in late April this year when the first trailer for the Sonic the Hedgehog movie was released on And went viral immediately - though quite negatively, with tens of thousands of fans of the popular video game character posting angry comments about the "human" look given to the nimble hedgehog, who is not only unfaithful to the source but also provokes a real sense of panic for some of the effect - The renowned Uncanny Valley.

The new trailer has received nearly 14 million views so far, in less than a day - and in 712,000 positive vs. 11,000 negative ratings only

The extreme reactions to the trailer have prompted the studios to declare the film launch after less than three days, with the aim of redesigning the character to be a little more familiar and a little less daunting. Six months have passed since then - and now we get to see the final product, which becomes viral again, it seems, though this time in a much more pleasant and positive way.

The perfect casting for the crazy Doctor trying to catch Sonic at all costs and in every way?

Sonic the Hedgehog's revamped trailer looks and looks better than its predecessor (how can Jim Curry be portrayed in the theatrical villain Doctor Robotnik?), But mostly includes a 3D version of Sonic that is almost identical to what we know from the dozens of games he's appeared in - Blueer , With much larger eyes and mostly without human teeth protruding in any scene.

At Paramount, every trace of the original trailer was erased at the launch of the updated version - but the network forgets nothing, of course, and even now you can easily get a direct comparison between the April and renewal horror

Comments on And across the enhanced trailer network are overwhelmingly positive, in stark contrast to the responses for the original trailer - proving that the audience has a good reason to express their opinion on the network clearly and unequivocally, because this voice has an impact, even in relatively marginal aspects.

Does the warm response mean that the upcoming Hollywood work, which is valued at over $ 90 million, could turn into a commercial hit? In February 14 we can find out the answer.

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