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HTC promises to unveil a major technological breakthrough in virtual reality

The Taiwan developer explains the reason behind the postponement of the launch to the Vive glasses

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Perhaps as a response to the really discouraging reports about Last minute delay For her talked-about Vive glasses (and there's Waleb) that swept the net in recent days on HTC Declare That they are preparing to unveil and demonstrate a 'significant new breakthrough' in virtual reality at CES 2016, which will begin in Las Vegas early next month.

The CEO of the company did not reveal or even hint at the direction of that domestic revolution But based on reports from the past, we hypothesize that this may be related to the nausea problem experienced by many first-time experimenters in all types of virtual reality glasses - due to a virtual world that pretends to behave just like the real world we know, yet at times feels unnatural and 'detached' Which causes headaches and other unpleasant sensations during prolonged use.


B- Were they able to find a solution to this?

Will the big secret that will be revealed in about three weeks justify the delay, and the launch that will probably come after that of rival Oculus? We'll live and see, and we'll hold our fingers.


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