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What year are we? Playstation VR will come with demo disc games

Virtual Reality Platform Will include a physical disk that reminds us of the forgotten nineties

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The PlayStation VR, Sony's virtual reality kit that will be on the shelves in about a month, You'll arrive With a physical disk that includes eight demo versions for games that support VR.

The first and most central game that will receive a demo is Driveclub, the popular and exclusive console racing game developed by Evolution Studios. Remember, the game went through a problematic launch about two years ago, but updates it has received since it improved its performance and allowed it to play in its network mode, which it relies heavily on. Sony promises that you've never seen Driveclub until you've seen its virtual reality version - so here's a first video game of it:

The additional games are now more like technological demonstrations. Playstation VR Worlds is a virtual tour across the ocean; RIGS and Battlezone are beautiful but fairly standard fighting games, judging by the videos; Headmaster is a penalty kick game and Tumble VR is a version Of the puzzle from Supermassive.

In addition, there will be EVE demo versions: Valkyrie, the medium-range fighting game that takes place in the Eve universe, and Wayward Sky, a new game from Entertainment that does not possess developed mechanics, but has an intriguing artistic design.

The PlayStation VR will be available for purchase starting October 13, and will cost about US $ 400, almost 1,500, or more than a console new. It is expected that more than 50 games will support it by the end of the year.


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  1. There is still no cheaper one-time media solution. Downloading 100 Giga games from the Internet is not always possible for a large number of customers (there are many countries where there is a restriction on traffic on a regular internet line) and even so, you do not want the customer to wait two days to play a game. There is also a marketing problem in providing pre-installed games, you are lowering your value…

  2. If this kit is sold in the country what price are going to knock her X_X…

    We will have to absorb import costs.

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