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Indie Returns From Retirement And Star Wars Closes Trilogy: Disney Future Films

After receiving dates for future Avatar films, it is time to catch up with the plans of the Walt Empire For the next few years

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If you like movies but The works of James Cameron They're not really your cup of tea - maybe the new update for Disney Studios' prominent writers, who have been giving us commercial hits one after the last two years, will interest you a little more.

The company that put in an imaginary record of about 7.5 billion from its movies in 2016 plans to try to break all of its highs again in the near future, raising the best brands under its control - Star Wars, Marvel's Super Hero Universe and the Rich Bank of Legends and Children's Stories. It has built itself for the last century.

You wanted more from Star Wars? You got them

The year 2019 marks a year in which Go all over the box office, announcing that Star Wars: Episode IX, the ninth installment of the third trilogy of the never-ending George Lucas sequel, will hit screens in 24 in May 2019, about a year and a half after 8 episode, The Last Jedi, which we will receive at the end of the current year, and about a year after the film about the history of young Han Solo. If the modern incarnation of Star Wars continues the trend it has enjoyed over the past two years - watch here for one of the top contenders for the most lucrative and lucrative film title of the year.

It probably won't be the official name of Chapter 9 in Star Wars - but feel free to give us your own guesses

Think that's all? Think again - because 2019 is about to give us the animated movie "Toy Story 4", which will try to make over $ 1 billion in revenue just like its favorite predecessor, a superhero premiere movie , The fourth movie starring The Avengers (formerly called Infinity War Part 2, but now getting its own personal date), a sequel to the huge and unexpected hit Frozen (or 'Breaking the Ice', if you prefer) - and even a new movie adaptation for The Lion King, one From the studio's most beloved cartoon films, it has always tried to continue the success of last year's Jungle Book and The Beautiful and the Beast, which was launched very successfully two months ago.

2018 will also give us interesting offers, such as Avengers: Infinity War and a sequel to Wreck-It Ralph

A year later, at 10 in July 2020, we will get Disney another nostalgic experience - in the fifth Indiana Jones character, who will definitely meet (at least in this regard) between director Steven Spielberg and Harrison Ford, who will be 77 (!! ) While this is happening. This title, too, was originally intended to be released in 2019, but has now been pushed back due to the clutter created - and will try to end the saga in a positive atmosphere, 12 years after the fourth film in the series, Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, became a commercial hit but disappointed many fans with a plot that didn't quite stand By past standards.

Not sure Lucas will return to produce - but Spielberg and Ford are set to return to the latest adventure of the most famous cinematic archaeologist, nearly 40 years after the original

which Of all the above mentioned, do you plan to see on the big screen, if at all? Tell us in comments.

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