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Iron Dome: Israeli Technology Wins

The system for intercepting missiles is considered a winner of the "pillar of Defense", Was able to intercept hundreds of short-range rockets launched from the Gaza Strip - with a precision accuracy of 85%. The companies that develop on their side promise that in the next few years, the interceptions will become even more accurate

The IDF's recent operation in the Gaza Strip was notable for its war Internet image Between Israel and the Palestinians, which grew in its wake, but of course most of the attention was diverted. Among the tens (and even hundreds) of the rockets fired from the Gaza Strip every day and the southern and central settlements, stands one of the most advanced missile interception systems in the world - developed entirely by talented Israeli engineers. Now there is no doubt: Iron Dome has become the new Israeli pride - not only because it is a fruit Israeli conflict, but also because of the many lives of the residents of the country who were saved by it.
System in operation, last operation
For those who are not familiar with the details, the system is mostly developed by the Rafael government company, together with Elta Systems (the developer of the Iron Dome radar system), which is recognized as a subsidiary of Israel Aerospace Industries. membership mPrest and-Comtec Who developed the control, control and communications systems used by Iron Dome operators to conduct intercepts.

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"The Iron Dome system was built thanks to the knowledge we accumulated during 50's year Missiles and defensive systems, "says the head of the Rafael project, adding that" when you have to develop a missile, you use all the knowledge and experience and channel it to achieve the ultimate goal. "

Interception, in an instant
"From the moment the radar detects the missile and identifies its type, whether it is Qassam or Fajr, it immediately calculates its flight path," explains Natan Barak, CEO mPrest And Colonel (res.) "The moment the system detects that the threat is moving towards a populated area, it immediately builds the intercept routes. We have developed a computer that builds thousands of possible paths in seconds - and the role of the fighters in the field is to choose the optimal path and allow the system to launch a intercepting missile at the right timing, so even if some rockets are intercepted at the right point in the sky, "he adds.
Detection, transmission, dispatch and interception. One of the most advanced interception systems in the world
It should be noted that the cost of each Iron Dome interceptor rocket ranges from $ 35,000 to $ 50,000, at a price Shlomo is 50 MILLION DOLLARS (around the country are now sliced ​​5 batteries). For the sake of comparison, the cost of producing a Hamas self-made Qassam rocket amounts to several hundred dollars and sometimes even less.
Ampst CEO Nathan Barak presents the Iron Dome control system with its operationalization of 2010
In addition,mPrest That each interceptor fired from the system is launched with special software, and that if changes are to be made after the launch, this can be done up to the second time the interception is performed. Moreover, even if the interceptor loses contact with the systems on the ground, it is still capable of compromising the threat due to its built-in automatic components.
In fact, the system is mostly automatic - since the moment the operators push the button confirming, Iron Dome calculates alone when it is the right moment to launch the missile. In addition, the developers explain that the performance of Iron Dome is not affected by the weather conditions, when it can accurately intercept a missile even in rainy and rainy weather.
It should be emphasized that, as of this moment, there is no interceptor missile capable of reacting so quickly and intercepting missiles at a relatively low cost. "The interest in the system around the world is growing," the developers say, adding that today there is no operational system that proved to be more effective than an iron dome when it comes to interception of short-range rockets.
As for the economic aspect, it is important to mention that although the price of a interceptor missile reaches tens of thousands of dollars, it is still about one-tenth the cost of every similar missile that exists today in the world.
The bottom line is that without the Iron Dome system it is reasonable to assume that the IDF would have found itself in the midst of a ground operation in the Gaza Strip in the first days of the operation, which would lead to double the number of casualties on both sides. 98, and even more, "Rafael promises, with all that remains is to hope that in the coming years we will no longer have to utilize its capabilities.

In conclusion, the following is a video of Iron Dome successfully intercepting the rocket fired from Gaza at the Dan region on November 17 (as it was broadcast on 10):


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  1. Protecting ourselves to know!
    Instead of **** the enemy population of Gaza.
    That's why we lost.

  2. Just don't forget "Arrow" and "Wand" to improve as well.
    Allay if their accuracy is only 85% in a deal with Iran with each missile containing either chemical weapons or just much destruction in one floor of a building.

  3. After the first injury ..
    It's quite clear that the cost of the interceptor missile is not comparable to the cost of the Qassam. It should be added that the system knows only to intercept missiles that it estimates will damage built-up area, and therefore, it is appropriate to calculate the potential cost of damage, whether economic (buildings, merchandise, cars, etc.) or persons.

    According to YNET, the cost of repairing the building in the first place will be at least 4 NIS million, which is without calculating the alternative accommodation costs that the state / city has to find for the residents.

  4. The cost of Qassam is about $ 1,000,
    But the State of Israel has far more resources than Hamas will in the next 100 years, the missile that Myrtle is expected to fall in built-up territory and cause economic damage, and that we will not talk about human life at all.

  5. Fraud system
    The system is intended to raise budgets to develop a weapons system for export - to the State of Tel Aviv. The system will never prevent falls because it is quite simple to increase the barrage and very expensive to make missiles. Certainly not alarms and stresses over time .. In short, IsraBloff.
    Hutsamza has other, better and cheaper solutions.

  6. We are the only ones who need to
    A system like an iron dome. Any other country, instead of developing an elaborate horrible system that cost millions simply would have fired back without considering the other party's losses. It would also have done well for the mesriother and would have cost less.

  7. It also works upside down…
    When Israel demolishes the Hamas government buildings with some of the damage aircraft inflicted on these bombers, it is 1000 times the cost of missiles and flight.
    So we're in the draw with you if not more than that ...

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