Israeli prestige: NVIDIA won the race and will acquire Mellanox

Yokneam is expected to become the second largest exit in the Israeli market

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We heard about the interest of the big Xilinx FPGA developer, we reported a potential acquisition from Intel - and now it's actually a company Known primarily from the graphics processing cores that are about to become the new home owner of Mellanox, in hopes of further strengthening the presence and growth of server worlds and information centers.

The company founded in Yokneam before 20 years and currently holds about 3,000 employees worldwide specializing in equipment development This is what makes it a prominent point of interest for anyone who aspires to create new revenue streams and is well enough to meet the badge The price required.

Another great technological exodus in Israel is coming after months of rumors and perhaps even a price war that took place behind the scenes

In recent months we've heard about 6 billion dollars or 6.5 billion for this purchase - and in the end it looks like the winning bid will be that of , Which will purchase all Mellanox shares traded on the Nasdaq Stock Exchange at a price reflecting a premium of 17 above the market price, to a total of just over $ 6.9 billion, which is the second largest to be paid for an Israeli company ever behind the 15.3 In Mobilay two years ago. It seems that March is a successful month for large exits in the Holy Land.

Dreams of taking over the HPC world, and Mellanox may be the key to this in the long term

Upon completion of the acquisition process will become And will also be able to use this status to develop new methods to connect its rich portfolio of products more effectively than ever before, for maximum performance and advantage over giant arrays based on Intel hardware or AMD. To date, such moves have been made in the framework of commercial cooperation between Mellanox and Mellanox , As well as Mellanox's cooperation with the direct competitors - but it soon seems that Sun-Huang's company will be able to benefit from the forefront of technology in the field before the rest.

With the planned leap into the depth of a new technological field, Believes that it will further increase its revenue potential down the road