Amazing: Watch what happens to the human body when various types of bullets hit HWzone

Amazing: Watch what happens to the human body when the bullets hit different types

a series of Animated using a ballistic gel to show how bullets are penetrating the human body

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Many use ballistic gel to monitor the injury of a bullet and its behavior within the body, thanks to the fact that this type of gel scientifically simulates human muscle tissue and can be a simulation of the encounter of many types of bullets with the human body.

In the next frame of animation, you can see a fascinating (or scary, depending on how you look at it) simulation and accurate behavior of different bullets in the human body.

TXKFsIt - Imgur
9 Millimeter Bullet Hit - Logger Gun Compatible
dPTs52e - Imgur
45 ACP bullet hit - Compatible with an automatic pickup gun
KhB3O9u - Imgur
5.56 Millimeter Bullet Damage - Matching assault rifles
bMXQrtt - Imgur
Bullet hit 7.62 × 39 Millimeter - compatible with AK-47 rifles
KRMuOfi - Imgur
30-06 bullet injury - currently used primarily for hunting
9wQoJHK - Imgur
Lead Shot (Buckshot) - Shotgun-compatible shotguns
12 gauge bullet hit - Shotgun-compatible shotguns
Vc75Mt6 - Imgur
50 BMG bullet hit - Compatible with machine guns and sniper rifles

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2 תגובות

  1. As usual, 5,56 and BMG 50 are the ugliest!
    Injury from them will not kill fast! It would be death in agony. (How many anguish ... can we say according to the presentation)

  2. This demo shows nothing. That will resemble bones and then the destruction generated by the 5.56 will be revealed.

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