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Duolingo presents: course in fictional language

The new addition to the Duolingo service is out of this world, literally

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Learning new languages ​​is definitely something positive, and even important in the modern world where globalization is viewed in every corner - but what do you say about learning fictional language? This, too, seems to have loads of potential, judging by the announcement by Duolingo people of the long-awaited opening of a Klingon learning course, for the benefit of millions of Star Trek enthusiasts of their generations.

The fearful foreign language of the bad guys in the science fiction genre, which is returning to the center of attention in recent years, is available to anyone interested in the first stage Through Duolingo's dedicated website, When it will also be added to applications for Android and Android systems, In the near future - and all you need to do is connect and start learning and practicing, using the wealth of tools and methods that the service has developed in its six years of operation.

The dream of many trekkers around the world comes true

Klingon is the second "imaginative" language to have its own course in Duolingo, after the Hooliganian of the Game of Thrones (and Fire and Ice Song numbers) did it for the first time last year - although over 170,000 votes from users prior to launch may indicate Because this one from Star Trek is much more popular and sought after than its fantasy location counterpart.

These guys probably already know Klingon even without the help of Duolingo, but there are many more who will be happy to experiment


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  1. Qaplha Pathak
    Greetings Motherfvckers.

    The beautiful Oh K'Ehleyr (for those who remember her), and my favorite who was insanely sexy Jadzia Dax (just married to Klingon)… (I'm pretty tired of thinking about her and the series)

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