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Let TV train your dog

Can't find enough time to devote to one's good friend? A new technology solution promises to do that for you

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The fast-paced, modern lifestyle may make seemingly simple tasks such as worrying about pet health a big challenge - so if you feel guilty that you are not giving enough attitude to a friend of four during the day and the workplace is not yet friendly, the Go Dogo is a product that might You like it.

This is a mass financing project originating in Denmark, and purports to be significantly superior to all kinds of feeding and entertainment solutions at predefined times for In an empty house, and dogs in particular - a small egg-shaped computer that connects to the TV and purports to tame the dog and teach him new commands every few hours, even when the owner is not around.

This product has been tested on - And for this change is something positive
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Go Dogo includes A smart front and side camera that allows you to analyze the dog's actions - and then give him snacks that are loaded with the product in advance when properly following the instructions that were presented (and said aloud) on the TV screen. The owner only has a set way left Designate the types of training and hours they will be running, and be glad to have it That entertains and challenges the best friend while they are busy - at challenge levels that change and rise according to performance so that it is never too boring.

Unfortunately, we do not currently support the option of recording your own command videos instead of those pre-built within the product - but this sounds like a very good improvement proposition for a future release
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Go Dogo is located In the midst of its funding phase on the Indiegogo site And has accumulated investments of just over NIS 20,000 to date, with 49 days left until the venture and product delivery promise as of December 2020. Do your dog's mood improve with a screen And an upgraded snack machine justifies investing about NIS 900 (including shipping to Israel)? Let's talk about it in the comments.

It is unclear how the system will know how to handle a number of dogs in the same house who are all interested in getting a snack from the smart machine
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