Mark the calendar: Official launch date for Black Panther 2 • HWzone movie

Mark the calendar: Official launch date for Black Panther 2 movie

Disney provides more surprises at its big annual fan convention

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The D23 Expo Biennial Conference Brought us a wide variety of surprises this year, including the first trailers for the Giant Company streaming service and a surprising trailer for Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker - to which you can also add new information about future projects in the Marvel Universe, most notably Black Panther 2 .

It was clear to everyone that Disney was a sequel to last year's massive hit that grossed $ 700 $ 1 in North America and 1.35 Billion worldwide, so it was a surprise not to get any mention of it as part of the company's roadmap to the fourth stage of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Now fans have been greeted with the announcement of the 6 in May 2022 as the official launch date for the intriguing movie, probably as part of Phase Five of the Marvel and Disney universe.

The Panther is back, after a break of just over four years that will undoubtedly provide an opportunity for a bit of longing among viewers

We already know that Disney is planning to launch three new Marvel movies in cinema in 2022 and three More new ones in 2023, at known times for it in February, May and July, so the Black Panther 2 will actually be the second in line for this future phase, and many on the network are already trying to piece together the puzzle pieces and build the full roadmap for the road ahead - with A third episode of Guardians of the Galaxy, a third episode of Antman, a second episode of Captain Marvel, the Blade reboot, and also reboots for the X-Men and the Fantastic Four that came from Fox Studios that are all in potential.

One of the many informal schedules that are currently running around the network

Disney also took the stage to announce three new series in the Dinsey Plus streaming service that are being developed later - with She Hulk attempting to bring back the angry and monstrous Giant to the Twist Tree of Interest, Moon Knight suffering from schizophrenia with four different identities and Ms. , Marvel's first Muslim superhero in the world.

More series Ambitious people are exposed to them

It is likely that the feverish minds behind the most immersive cinematic brand ever have far-reaching ideas that are in various stages of development for many years to come - and we are left to wonder what the timing will be when we get these interesting pieces of information.

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