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Marvell celebrates: undisputed control of the world of film comics

Black Panther is wooing the Dark Knight - and now is the partner of Officially holds the top five super heroes movies ever

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Despite fears voiced at the outset of the potential attraction of the super hero to an audience outside of Africa and North America, the Black Panther, Proved and continues to prove that it is a huge international hit - And with 1.125 $ 1 billion revenue in four weeks, he goes past the Dark Knight and becomes the fifth biggest superhero movie ever in terms of revenue, when he seems to have enough momentum to continue climbing this list.

This achievement is great not only for the creators and sponsors, but also for Marvel and its partner - which now dominates all of the top five places in the list of most comic films, with the main competitor in the market And her cinematic partner Warner Brothers are pushed back and continue to fantasize about success on a similar scale.

The Panther had dismissed the batman, and he would probably continue to forward Captain America and Iron

Marvel's cinematic universe continues to prove to us time and time again that it understands exactly what fans want, or at the very least knows how to convince them what they want - and that might explain why future plans include the launch of three New each year up to 2022 at a minimum. Definitely impressive - and that is without even talking about The Avengers: Infinity War, which is set to hit the cinemas at the end of next month, with the potential to break money in a way that will even dwarf the African hero's solo performance.

The creators from home And from Marvel, they continue to "swim in the money" in a way that makes all the other Hollywood elements jealous


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  1. Marvel's Black Panther succeeded because of the time it came, a time when all the politically correct movements rose and became huge. The hype created around him is solely because there is a hero on black.
    But besides the amount of revenue it is impossible to compare it to the Dark Knight, who was nominated for the 8 Academy Awards, won the 2. And from the point of view of movie critics and bypassing and criticizing Black Panther and probably every movie Marvel will put out, because their films are for the most part very childish.

  2. I know a lot of producers who would give up on Oscar or three
    For the Panther scale at the box office.
    At the end of the day, that's the measure that determines - revenue.
    And with that, Marvel rules.

    1. But apparently the majority will favor the Oscars.
      Because that's what they'll remember from the movie.
      In another 10 years, nobody will remember Black Panther, it will be another Marvel superhero movie, if some black superhero punch.
      And today we are 10 years after the Dark Knight, show me one person who does not remember him.

  3. I was referring only to the financial aspect.

    It's not Shakespeare, it's pretty obvious to everyone.

    Although it seems to me that Marvel has never pretended to be such (Shakespearean…).

    And that's enough.

  4. I am.

    Not only do not remember, I did not even see.

    And Oscars don't buy at the grocery store or film movies either.

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