Mazda introduces: a new and highly efficient diesel engine - that works on gasoline

The new development of the Japanese car company sounds strange enough, but should be an interesting competition for the world of electric vehicles

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Diesel engines (and probably internal combustion engines in general) have no particularly positive reputation in the modern automotive market, following the Volkswagen Group's fraudulent results scandal, whose effects can be seen in a variety of places in the industry today - but Mazda is confident they have found a way to maintain the relevance of these technologies In the race that is developing against the green and economical electric motors.

It's called Skyactive X, and this new engine technology is supposed to create more powerful gasoline vehicles that will benefit from the same efficiency as the diesel but without the addition of its increased emissions.

Several companies have tried this in the past, but Mazda may be the first to develop a commercially viable HCCI mechanism

Gasoline engines and diesel engines differ in the way they ignite the fuel to cause the pistons to move and rotate the wheels. Gasoline engines use relatively moderate air compression, precise injection of fuel, and ignition of the mixture with a dedicated spark, while diesel engines are compressed more fuel and air Ignition without the need for any external element (which allows to produce more energy than the same amount of flammable liquid). Mazda developed a method to ignite gasoline by compressing the fuel and air mixture, and combined the technology with the use of the same sparks to help intelligently at a time when compression does not produce the required effect (when the vehicle is only driven and the engine is still cold).

Sales of gasoline vehicles are still higher than those of electric cars, so it is natural to see significant improvements in them

The company claims that this method can increase by about 10 to 20. The engine torque (in combination with a supercharger) compared to other standard gasoline engines, as well as an increase in 20 to 30, For diesel engines on gasoline engines. Best of all worlds - at least on paper.

The company's road map for the next half decade

The first vehicles with the Skyactive-X engines are expected to reach the market in 2019, with the veteran manufacturer declaring that it will not be offered to any other competing vehicle manufacturer at this stage. The company also continues to develop future technologies for hybrid and electric vehicles in full, but at the same time believe that their new gasoline technology will allow its internal combustion to remain part of our automotive world in the foreseeable future, for better or for worse. Hopefully this will work as promised, because any improvement in the efficiency of our cars is most welcome for us, regardless of the technology under the hood.