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McAfee will secure your photos on Facebook

The American security company has developed in collaboration with A special add-on that will make the photo sharing experience on the world's most popular social network safer
These days, no one does not know or use Facebook regularly - but with all the advantages offered by this social network to its users, the most significant and most significant disadvantage is Security The defective, As well as privacy may also often be compromised by malicious users. For Facebook, it should be noted that the company has been trying hard lately Defend as much as possible On the users, McPhee is now joining efforts: with an innovative plug-in that may make the way we share the pictures with our friends (and the world at large) much more secure.
Using the plugin, called 'Social Protection', Among other things you can make a very selective determination of who is allowed to view the images you upload - while the unique and most useful option of the plugin will prevent users from downloading the images we posted to the computer while eliminating the screenshot function (Print Screen) When you are viewing pictures. If a viewer decides to trick and shoot the screen, McAfee's extension will display a lock to explain that it can not be done.
Trying to download a picture from Facebook? With 'Social Protection', you can forget about it
Please note that when you choose to use the plugin, your images will be transferred from the "public" Facebook servers to the company's secure servers . Once you have applied theSocial Protection On your account, your photos will appear in front of others in a slightly blurry way that will make it difficult to identify those present or objects in the picture - until your friends install the plugin.
In addition to saving images, the plugin can also keep your identity safe. With Face Detection enabled, it will alert you immediately if any of your friends upload to Facebook In which you appear, but not tagged.
Unfortunately, theSocial Protection Not yet available for installation - when McAfee indicates that it will be available for download for browsers Explorer, Firefox and Chrome in the coming weeks. A version that will support computers As well as mobile operating systems iOS And Android will also be launched, but only towards the end of the year.
That's how it will look to your friends. Click to enlarge
This is definitely an add-on that can and should be very useful for each and every one of us, with no doubt that we can make sure our pictures do not reach the wrong hands. The fact that close friends need to get "OK" to view our photos even without having to save the pictures on their computer makes the plugin very efficient - since even if a close friend's account is hacked or someone else is not using it, Anyway.
If you choose to install the plugin (when launched of course), you can do this from the page Designated; But keep in mind that the need to install an add-on to view your photos may deter most of your friends from viewing them, at least in the first few months of launching. Bottom line, people who are interested in your photos will be able to get them even though you have installed theSocial Protection, Using a simple photo with Externally high quality - so it seems that at least in the meantime, you can forget about 100% protection.


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  1. I'm more interested in whether
    It will be able to grab the key even with the browser window inactive…
    And why go far with a camera? There are enough software that can take a screenshot of me pressing PRINT SCREEN…

  2. Network privacy?
    The Ltmtum! Once you transfer information to the Internet, it will remain there.
    Think a little before bringing up personal things and that's all.
    As a system man, I have encountered so many unnecessary leakages of information, nothing completely secure. It's all a compromise between convenience and information security. Just decide what's more important to you.

  3. Photo security
    I also wanted to write down all the things listed here .. But the truth ... it's a small step in the right direction ... well done to McAfee. Now we have to continue ...
    By the way, I have on Galaxy Ace 2 a software called snap n go… and of course have to install a part on the PC… it links the screen between the screen and the phone. I have never used it, but it is possible to implement such a thing with security-level capabilities.

  4. Completely unnecessary
    Deterrent Members Viewing Pictures - Completely Agree - I see no reason to install software on my computer whose sole purpose is to enforce DRM restrictions on me. Anyone who wants me to see the pictures is asked to send them to me in standard format that can be opened with standard tools

    Everything you upload to the network will be there. The software cannot show a "lock on screen" when trying to take a picture from the screen of a camera, for the simple reason that it has no way of knowing if I am in front of the screen if a camera or not

    You can also receive from the screen to a TV card through the VGA port, exactly pixel-to-pixel, almost digital accuracy. Will the software fulfill any secure media path like there is in HDCP? If so, this means that more than half of the computer users, whose screen is connected to a computer in VGA or DVI to a screen without HDCP, will not be able to use the extension and will need to buy a new screen just for that

  5. Completely unnecessary
    If you are up - you want to share.
    I will not install any third party app in my account and I do not expect my friends to do it. Tomorrow they will take all the pictures hostage, and will require $ 10 a month to show them. Along the way, they will also post themselves through my profile, etc.… Why?

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