A forbidden novel: Intel CEO resigns immediately

Brian Krasnitz abruptly ends his time with the chip maker five years later at the top of the pyramid, and not for the right reasons

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While the economic data continues to be impressive, there is no doubt that the present period is not a simple challenge for the Santa Clara chip maker, as the personal computer market continues to walk in place, some of the major rivals are growing stronger and catching technological gaps and the next-generation process is being delayed. It is now possible to add to this list of relative headaches unexpected changes in the CEO's office.

In an official announcement, the company announced that it had disclosed that former CEO Bryan Karznic, who entered Paul Otellini's large shoes at 2013, had consensual relations with one of the company's employees who worked under him - behavior that management does not accept and which leads to his immediate retirement, And from the board of directors. Not at all pleasant, certainly not for those who are the face of a well known company that employs over 100,000 workers all over the world.

Significant organizational change at the most problematic timing? Outgoing CEO Krasnice

The board of directors announced that Bob Swan, current CFO and former eBay CFO, will serve as the temporary replacement of the CEO as the search for a permanent and formal CEO begins - when it is not inconceivable that The position will go to an external candidate who did not grow at Intel. Previously Sanjay Jha, who served as CEO of Motorola and was recently appointed CEO of GlobalFoundries, "Could this be his time?" We'll soon find out.

Will this rush also affect the commercial and economic development of the producer? Let's hope not, though it sounds like a possibility that can not be ignored.

The new temporary director Bob Swan