Meet the bullet that captures DNA

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The future of fighting crime? A team of researchers from England has developed a bullet that captures the DNA of anyone who touches it

The problem: Sherlock Holmes could look at a bullet-proof pod and know exactly what had happened. The weapons? Shooter pose? Hashem? Everything was revealed at a glance. In the real world, using a backpack to decipher a crime is a rigorous process that often fails. Researchers may be able to fit a bullet with a rifle type, but this can not necessarily lead to the person who shot it. Useful fingerprints are rare, and the heat is shot by the tool Can destroy DNA evidence.

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the solution: A team of nano-material scientists led by Paul Sarmon of Brunell University in England has developed a bullet that traps the DNA of anyone who touches it - leaving a marker on the human as well.

step one: Scientists dipped a bullet in a formaldehyde resin and created a tingling surface area caught in skin cells. When he was shot in laboratory tests, the bullet held 53 more DNA than can be analyzed from an untreated bullet.

second level: The team needed a compound to label anyone who held the bullet, something sticky and also rare enough to be recognizable. They started with a natural source: florists. Because of their rough texture, stamens cling to skin and clothing; There are stamens that even remain on the skin after a handshake or washing. They are also invisible to the human eye. But stamens alone are not unique enough to identify a criminal. So the team expected a lilium longiflorum in a layer of 63 nanometer thickness of titanium dioxide - a combination that does not exist in nature. A bullet painted in millions of adapted pollinators will mark the shooter's finger as he loads the bullet. In order to have an impact on crime, governments will need to require manufacturers of ammunition to produce adapted bullets; Sarmon's team is in talks with British officials.

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Scale - Explosive
The energy released by the explosion is measured by TNT equivalents.

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0.0000003 KILLOTON TNT

1 stick to dynamite
0.0000005 KILLOTON TNT

3.75 L. Fuel

Oklahoma City Explosive Truck (1995)

North Korea Nuclear Test (2009)

"Little Boy," the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima (1945)

Test Test "The Czar's Bomb" - the largest bomb ever exploded (1961)

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