• The first trailers for the Wonder Woman films and the Justice League were exposed

Watch: The first trailers for the Wonder Woman films and the Justice League were revealed

As part of the annual Comic-Con conference, Warner first unveiled its next movie comics hits. Let's see the wave of banks occupying the screen in the lead role

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It's been a year since Gal Gadot joined, for the first time, a cast of actors at the annual Comicon Festival. The International Festival, which at the end of the decade will mark its anniversary, is held annually in San Diego, California. It is visited by more than 160 thousand geeks over four days, and is considered the most important conference in the world dedicated to popular culture.

The festival's strength is expressed in the arrival of thousands of artists, media companies and games. From the point of view of the mega- This is the most significant event of the year, as is Warner Bros, which produces the films of the DC film universe.

Remember, in just two weeks' time, her film Suicide Squad will be on display, The animated film based on the influential Batman story The Killing Joke. She probably did not make do with just showing them, revealing the next year's comics.

The year since the previous conference, during which the movie "Batman v Superman" released, jumped Gadot's status to a real star. Warner's plan for DC is to create a series of separate superhero films, and to unite the characters in the Justice League movie series. Gal, who plays Amazon's Diana Prince, who is not Wonder Woman, will have her own movie coming to the screen at 2 in June next year. You are invited to watch the fresh trailer upstairs.

The Justice League, which will be on the screens six months later (November 2017), is also credited with a new video. In the comic booklets, watch the video:

What do you say about the new films by Petty Jenkins and Zac Snyder? Do you think Gadot's film, which is expected to be a hit, will meet expectations? Share us in comments!


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