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Microchips in laser printing want to change the world

Developing microchips with different functions will enable them to be embedded into any object or item, and will make our world completely digital

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Imagine a world where computing power comes from Nano and microchips sprayed on every surface, giving it computing capabilities in a moment!

The new chips can play any role, from processors, through , And even sensors, or any other component needed to maintain a viable computing system.

The Xerox lab development in Palo-Alto, California, uses another 1970-created invention of XNUMX - The laser.

The chiplets float in liquid

The combination of chips and printing May lead to home manufacturing plants that can print circuitry for a wide range of devices, from smartphones and flexible ones that will not break even if you think about them, flexible skin for robotic hands, or smart bandages that can sense and process health information and throw in the trash after use.

The project was funded by Xerox and DARPA (the Pentagon), in cooperation with the Israel Science Foundation, which shows the great interest the US government and army are discovering in the potential of the project.

The printed components are produced for printing on the desired surface

How the circuitry or electronic device will work is not yet clear. Will the "ink" being used be a mix of different components, or may multiple ink types be used when each is a specific component (diode, resistor, processor, component , Etc.) similar to the cartridges Different colors?

Each of the new chips will be the size of a grain of sand, and will be placed microscopically and in quantities of hundreds and even thousands across almost any surface - in the exact location and direction as required.

The range of products and possibilities inherent in this technology is enormous. The aim is to bring the chip factories to your home, and to enable you to produce almost any object when you add computing and communication capabilities as needed at the time of printing.

In the past, we thought that computing power would increase exponentially and that the products that would be available for purchase would come with these capabilities. But the ability to engineer the object, or download the appropriate file from the network and print it in your home while adapting colors, shape and ability to your personal taste outweigh any such possibility.

Customization in mass production is very problematic, both because of the greater costs associated with adapting the equipment so that it can cope with many production possibilities, and because of the varied tastes of the target audience.

But if the target audience produces the product in their home and controls the final product (as long as the company has rights to the basic product) - this opens up a new and exciting new era. Because beyond ready-made products, imagination can be spared and created in your home, or in your garage, new products that companies haven't imagined, or at least didn't see as economic.

Do you prefer to produce at home, or buy ready in a store while compromising on shape, color or performance? Tell us in comments!


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  1. "Phones that don't break even if you sit on them"!
    Amazing invention!
    (Don't know what about you, my smartphone didn't break when I sat on it ...)

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