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Microsoft on the way to buy a giant in Israel?

The well-known network equipment manufacturer Mellanox may soon become part of the empire of Satya Nadela and his partners

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In recent weeks, Microsoft has benefited from a description of the world's largest stock market capitalization with shares traded at a total volume of almost 800 billion, , Which has fallen more than 30 since the last quarterly report. This high class could lead to another massive investment in the Israeli market - up to the acquisition of Mellanox from Yokne'am.

The Israeli subsidiary of 19 specializes in developing equipment for Ethernet and InfiniBand networks, with a significant presence in high-performance computing, servers and supercomputers - making it a close partner of giants like , And Microsoft. The company is currently traded only on the Nasdaq, which was traded on the stock exchange in Israel at a market value of close to 5 billion, but it seems that this large amount is not deterrent to the technologies and solutions held by the company in its pockets.

The biggest deal for 2019 is brewing behind the scenes right now?

About a month ago he was accepted Reporting from abroad That Xilinx, the giant FPGA array, might be the one to buy Mellanox - and now Local reporting TheMarker offers its own alternative option with a purchase by the developer of the Windows system, which also has its own huge server arrays all over the world on the Azure platform.

Will be able to significantly strengthen its capabilities in the server market if it decides to purchase shares of the veteran Israeli high-tech company

It is estimated that Microsoft will offer a premium of 10 at least above Mellanox's current stock value, that is, more than 100 per share converted into a transaction with a total value of 5.5 billion and perhaps even more - a real potential for becoming the second largest acquisition in the country's history in technology, After that of a leading company in the hands of Last year.

Two big names are already appearing on the Rumor Exchange - is it possible that there will be a public race after Mellanox?

We'll keep track of developments on the subject and we'll update you, of course.


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