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Microsoft in shock? Part of the source code of Windows 10 was stolen and distributed on the network

Is the current operating system of the giant company in security danger, or is it a fuss about nothing?

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Leaking private, personal, or classified information on the open and free network has become one of the biggest concerns in the modern world, whether it's theft of consumer personal and economic information, hacking biometric databases, or stealing tools from the NSA that led to the development of dangerous damage - and now it seems She fell victim to a similar and unpleasant incident at all.

אל The site is betaarchive, Which is maintained by a public server that users from across the network are invited to upload related files from Microsoft and its Windows system, recently uploaded a total of several dozen terabytes - including many builds of 10 that have never been released to the general public, and a system source code of about 1.2 GB that belongs to one of its official development tools, which allow the creation of drivers for USB connections, wireless cards and drives In the hardware system, the software was run.

Is confidential information likely to lead to the development of new malware and hacking tools for the new generation of Spinning around online now?

On the face of it, it sounds like a very serious event that could endanger all users of the system, but in practice it seems that no one is in a hurry to declare a state of panic. The leaked system files are mostly the Redstone 2 versions of the 10, which is actually the update that has been officially launched under the name Creators Update, so they do not seem to offer access to features and capabilities that we were not aware of, and the source code that was leaked is not a core code of the operating system, Completes it Continuously collaborates with computer manufacturers, large organizations, and governments that are part of its business partners, so that its confidentiality and importance are relatively low.

Some of the leaked system files are for processors , As part of the recent venture that has taken shape in recent times

The administrators of the site through which the leak was distributed announced that they decided to remove the source code files, by personal decision and without being requested to do so by the representatives of , Although it is not known how many users have transferred the files to their PC, so there is a good chance that this information will continue to circulate through other, less honest channels.

The last time Leaked part of the source code of The network was in the age of - 2000, early in the last decade - and the sources on the network seem to disagree with the new leakage hardware compared to the past

The leak to the network took place only one day after a pair of people was arrested in the UK due to unauthorized and illegal access to the networks , And there seems to be little chance that these events are related to each other, and may even constitute two parts of the same puzzle.

In the meantime, there seems to be no real concern, but we certainly hope that Microsoft will keep a finger on the pulse in the near future, in order to prevent similar incidents and to make sure that there is no potential danger here.

So, is this a simple and insignificant leak, beyond the ability to obtain internal material from one of the largest technology companies in the world, or is it the beginning of a significant move whose implications we still do not fully understand? In the meantime we can only promise to keep track of the developments and update you accordingly.

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