New type balls are turning into printed guns for real deadly weapons

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A man by the name of Michael Kramling has found a way to make hand-made bullets that do not destroy printed materials and may change the security reality in which we live

Michael Kremling's special balls

Printed weapons are a recipe for disaster. Even in their current configuration, which restricts them from firing more than a few bullets without being destroyed, one shot can be lethal, just like a regular pistol. But now, there are people who want to make the printed weapons business a reality. A mechanic by the name of Michael Kramling invented a handball, which takes the blast generated by the shooting, rather than the frame of the gun, which prevents it from falling apart.

The ball, called "Atlas 314", is made of lead and wrapped in a thick steel bag that absorbs the energy needed for the ball to shoot normally. According to Kramling, the ball not only absorbs the tremendous energy instead of the gun itself, but the bullets are also reusable, making the printed gun an endless and easy-to-manufacture shooting machine. But despite the cheap price of the pills, which stands at 27 cents (one shekel), each ball takes an hour to produce, so mass production is not seen, at least not in the near future.

Although Kramling did not decide to sell the special bullets himself, he published the design and production methods on his private site. The increase in the popularity of vessels Printed is a serious problem for the security forces, a problem that is only growing.

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The parts of the Kramling pistol he had manufactured to shoot his atlas