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New: Security cameras with artificial intelligence

A recording solutions provider will deploy Movidius' innovative processing unit to streamline its smart cameras

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Movidius, an international startup that specializes in artificial intelligence and reportedly intends to be acquired by Intel next year, She announced About collaborating with Chinese video giant Hikvision which provides recording products and "Internet of Things" solutions. As part of the deal, Hikvision will assimilate Movidius's advanced Myriad 2 with its smart cameras will give them model-based analysis and detection capabilities Which simulates the process of human thought.

Neural networks model widely used in the field of computer vision, and its implementation in security cameras can optimize the dozens of counters. With its help, cameras will be able to "understand" what they are up to and act accordingly - for example, alerting suspicious occurrences in crowded places or a driver who uses a cellphone while driving. Movidius claims that the application of the model so far has been lacking and required cameras to connect to the services To perform calculation operations. Its processing unit consumes minimal resources due to its advanced algorithms.

As part of an experiment conducted by the companies, Hikvision cameras successfully analyzed up to 99% of complex occurrences such as suspicious cargo left by passersby and burglary attempts, and even detected car models and seat belts in the contents.

Smart cameras will warn of suspicious events
Smart cameras warn of suspicious events (from video)

Hikvision CEO Ho Yangzong said: "The Myriad 2 allows us to make our analysis much more accurate, to alert events that require response and to reduce false alarms." The first cameras using the new processing unit are currently on display at the annual Security China Conference.

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