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New: Three months of free music on Spotify

Service The greatest music hopes to move as many users as possible from the basic free version to the full premium version

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Streaming content It may be at the center of things these days, but that does not mean that there is no fierce competition in services as well Another kind - as Spotify's decision will testify to tripling the free trial time in the premium version of the platform.

Spotify has been considered the most widely used streaming service in the world for years with 108 million paying monthly and 232 million subscribers in total, including 124 million who prefer to use the free version.

While the full (premium) version of the service allows consumers to search for any song they want, create their own playlists, access others' playlists, and even download songs to listen to even when there is no network connection available, the free version works in a kind of endless radio station format - The user can listen to it as much as he wants, but if he wants to move on to the next song in line he can only do it five times a day.

Three months free - after entering your credit information. Don't forget to cancel your subscription on time if you are not satisfied with the product

Spotify is hoping to make as many new and existing users of the free version "indulge" in the premium features of the premium service - and start offering three months of free trial now, as opposed to a free one-month offer we have known so far. After the trial period ends, the premium version price of NIS 20 will be monthly for local users, although it should be noted that access to the trial months also requires the entry of credit card information.

The reasons for moving from the free version to the premium. Can you convince millions of other listeners?

You can choose to cancel your subscription at any given time, including at the end of the three-month free premium - but you will not be able to repeat the process again and again indefinitely based on a single payment method.

The new deal allows Spotify to stand out from the competition Music, which offers a three month trial period abroad but only one trial month (like other streaming services) in the country. You will find a discounted price of NIS XNUM monthly for students, and especially a family service of NIS 10 per month, which allows listening for up to six different devices at the same time - something that does not yet exist in Spotify and is a pity. We will keep our fingers crossed that this will be the next innovation in line at the company.

Running to join or give up the generous benefit? Let's talk about it with everyone in the comments.

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