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No record remained: Endgame took over the world

updating: The full official numbers have come, and as estimated, they are even sweeter - 357 $ 3 million in three days in North America, 330 $ 5 million in China and 1.223 $ billion worldwide worldwide from Wednesday last week to Sunday (Sunday).

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Endgame is already in the 17 place in the world revenue table ever, and by all signs it has another huge potential to go on - will this be the first movie to make more than 3 billion in the halls? In the coming weeks we will find out where the wind is blowing.

Original article: Curiosity and fear of spoilers did their thing - viewers donned cinemas all over the globe and broke dozens of exclusive records for the fourth installment of The Avengers saga

Billion dollars at the end of the first week are a challenge? You laughed at me And Marvel - the teasers and trailers, plot, timing, expectations, editing, and simultaneous international launch all worked out perfectly for Avengers: Endgame, which is officially becoming the biggest cinema in the world, in an unimaginable gap from all other competitors.

Around-the-clock screenings of the longest film from 10,000 screens All over the world starting Wednesday provided a first weekend (calculated from the first launch in the world until the end of Sunday, the 28 in April) with $ 1.209 billion in revenue, which may still rise when all final numbers are received. By comparison, the biggest weekend ever to date belonged to Infinity War, earning about $ 640 million - so this is an improvement of nearly 100 percent this figure, which probably won't be broken again in a while.

Last year's Infinity War revenue record has been insane in all respects - but it also boils down to Endgame's achievement

Endgame graphed over 350 million in just over three days in North America, a new record of course with the ever-high data for Thursday night screenings, Friday screenings, Saturday screenings and Sunday screenings - as well as graph over 300 $ 1 million across China and became the best opening in history for the communist giant state. Endgame recorded the biggest launch in history for my daughter IMAX format, the largest launch in history in homes With a three-dimensional display, the largest launch in history in dozens of smaller markets around the world and the largest ever average revenue in homes For the Widespread Film - a tremendous achievement in itself which indicates that all the marketing and distribution efforts of the film were not for nothing.

It is quite clear that millions of fans around the world wanted to see the movie before everyone else to talk about it or alternatively avoid the dangers of plot spoilers - but will viewing highs continue to come in the coming weeks, or will we see a faster decline than usual?

Cinema fans are now trying to assess where the avant-garde's cinematic success will stop, and whether there is a chance of breaking the all-time record of Avatar, which stands at about 2.7 billion. Especially high scores on the part of viewers and a very large amount of little clues and secrets that might justify returning to the cinema for a second round, while a third among Assyrian fans indicates that the breaking of all Hollywood economic records is quite possible.

Revenue from 22 In Marvel's Cinematic Universe, 20 Billion $ Imagine Revenue Now - More Than Any Brand Other than ever and when almost all amount comes under the control of a company , Starting from 2012

So what would Marvell's cinematic universe look like, or the whole blockbuster world, after this historical peak we got? This is something that will be very interesting to see in the near future.


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