• HWzone: The headset may be behind you

CAUTION: The headphones may spy on you

Israeli researchers have developed a method to perform audio recording using Which have been connected to the computer

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Users who are concerned about their privacy disconnect the camera and even the microphone connected to their computers to prevent remote listening. Connecting headphones, on the other hand, seems perfectly safe to use without seeming to violate privacy. But Israeli researchers at Ben-Gurion University have introduced software that can be listened to by computer headphones themselves. The code name developed by the researchers is Speake (a) r - a sort of English wordplay on Which is also an ear.

The earphones can also be used as a secret recording device

While a microphone picks up sound waves as vibrations and converts them into audible signals, earphones use the reverse process, in which the electromagnetic signal is converted into sound vibrations. The process can be turned into a headset so that the speaker's membrane will also convert the sound waves to a recordable signal. The use of her headset as a microphone is familiar, and you can try it at home already by plugging her ear into the microphone input and talking to it using a computer recording software.

The research team at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev has developed a code to change the vocation of the audio output to the earphone to the audio input of a microphone, and thus the headset becomes a recording device even if it is connected naturally and naturally to the standard headphone jack. The change is made using the Realtek chip feature, which makes it possible to turn the computer's audio channel output into a recording channel. Realtek chips are very common in the computer market, so the code developed by Ben-Gurion researchers can be applied to many computers. The site Wired Quotes chief investigator Mordechai Guri, who noted that this is weak Which today makes almost any computer expose to such an attack.

Ben-Gurion's research team headed by Mordechai Guri has been developing creative ways to find security breaches in computers in recent years. Previously we posted here a website that a team led by found a way to transmit information from a computer disconnected from a computer network or other smart device located next to it by Using hard disk sounds Thus allowing leakage of information that can not be blocked, even if you have disconnected the network card.

The new development that allows listening through the headphones can not be easily blocked, since this is not a hardware bug but a feature originally designed by Realtek Labs. Fixing the problem will require hardware changes in the Realtek chips on the computer, so that the paranoids among us who are afraid that someone is listening to them and therefore disconnecting the microphone from the computer may also want to disconnect the headphones.


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