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Not waiting: The United States is progressing to a fifth generation cell phone

The United States is preparing for the next generation of mobile networks: after the Federal Communications Commission voted for the removal of frequencies for the, The White House also announces the allocation of 400 million to research and development in the field

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It will take several years for us to use our fifth-generation mobile networks, but countries around the world are making efforts to promote technology. The struggle for supremacy is now mostly between South Korea, Japan, China and the United States, all of which are interested in setting up standards and using them Fifth generation until the end of the decade. The first two are especially stressful, as they will host the upcoming Winter and Summer Olympics respectively.

Moving to 5G requires many resources. The reason is that the technology relies mainly on ultra-high frequencies of the spectrum, above 24 GHz, which until recent years have assumed that they are inaccessible to data communication applications. These frequencies are characterized by short wavelengths, so they require a direct line of sight between the access point and the mobile device. The existing cellular cells, which cover entire areas, will have to make way for small access points that have connections to the operating networks. To create Functioning, it is necessary to install a huge amount of such points, hence the challenge.

The Obama administration is investing $ 1 million in research into new technology
The Obama administration is investing $ 1 million in research into new technology

The great effort involved in preparing the land for 5G is understandable given its many advantages over the fourth generation. According to reports, surfing speeds will be multiplied by at least 10 and will reach 100 (!) Of those offered by LTE. These are speeds that are comparable to those offered in the fiber project . Rapid data exchange will, for the first time, enable ideas from the Internet of Things, such as controlling Electricity, traffic lights and autonomous cars, and in fact will open the gate to real “smart cities”.

The US regulator took an important step towards realizing the vision last night. The Federal Communications Commission voted in favor Evacuation of high frequency block 11 GHz, making the United States the first country to have sufficient frequencies to set up . Authority Chairman Tom Wheeler declared "This is a big day for the nation." Verizon and AT&T operators will begin their own infrastructure trials next year.


No one is quite sure what official fifth generation technology will include - but there is already a great variety of ideas and suggestions at stake, with the guiding line of all being to provide us with much higher speeds, in any situation, anywhere and any device

As a continuation, the White House Announced today On the allocation of 400 million to AWRI, which is responsible for research Wireless. The research project will be headed by the NSF, the National Science Foundation. The goal is to build "city-level experiment platforms" for the fifth generation over the next decade.

And what about us? Only a year ago, the tender for the fourth generation was launched in Israel, so it is not worthwhile to develop expectations. However, you can be sure that the progress toward the past Will employ the Ministry of Communications in the coming years.


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  1. For this it requires more points, namely any special antennas or routers. The way anyone hears in the country making more points will provoke Ivri Gilad's nonsensical TV style on Channel 10, which will trigger intimidation-based protests rather than logic and science and will just drop that idea.

  2. What does it mean that it needs Line of Sight ??
    What will happen inside buildings? Each room will have an antenna?
    A little worrying about all these short waves….

    1. These are non-ionizing frequencies, your desire for non-ionizing frequencies is to lower their power, scattering more transmission stations allows you to lower the transmission power both at the station and in the end unit adjacent to your ear. Exclusion of the station from the end unit causes the end unit to emit higher intensity radiation.
      Because of people who "worry a bit" more antennas you get more radiation. They are actively achieving the exact opposite of what they are fighting to achieve, and in doing so, are embarrassing the lives of us all.

  3. The biggest thing is, it will topple the internet companies, we will connect the router to the phone.

  4. Even so, we are stuck with tiny packages of browsing, what will cellular companies do, eliminate the amount restriction in the package? I highly doubt…

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