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Now in Israel too: NVIDIA brings your games to the cloud

Have you ever dreamed of playing your favorite PC on a slim, lightweight mobile phone or smartphone? This is now possible thanks to the Now - assuming that your internet connection doesn't trouble you

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Direct streaming of games from powerful remote processing units is considered the future of the gaming world by many, and this is what huge companies like Google, Microsoft and Sony will testify to develop their own technologies and platforms to promote it. Now there's another service officially launched from a big name in the industry, and it's even available in Israel - it's GeForce Now's Which goes from beta to full launch, and is available to experiment with no cost at all.

The service of Offers streaming of hundreds of games that stand out directly from the company's cloud servers scattered around the world (in some markets based on partner activities that help expand global availability quickly), even on PCs Or MacOS, also on the company's Shield devices, also on smartphones And in the future on devices running the Chrome OS system - When the uniqueness is that no significant local processing power is required in order to enjoy high quality gaming since all processing is done on a remote server. All it takes is a reasonable bandwidth and low-latency connection to the chosen server - though this is also a challenge that can be challenging for many Israeli consumers at this stage.

A large variety of supported computing platforms - and plans for further expansion during the year

While applications like PlayStation Now and Project xCloud have a list of games that are accessible to subscribers completely and at Google's stages the requirement is to purchase the games within the service (even in situations where you have already purchased the same games on restrictive platforms) - the business model of Found somewhere in the middle and offers access to many different games based on and- Store, but you will only be able to access supported games that you have already purchased from digital source stores and not the entire list.

A large variety of Steam titles you have already purchased may now be available to you in direct streaming - both for compact mobile devices with limited processing power and for (Combined with controller Physical in the vast majority of cases)

In such a situation, players will not have the opportunity to experiment with a variety of new titles without purchasing them specifically - but the advantage is at the very competitive subscription price of $ 5 or 5.5 euros each month (about NIS 20), with even a basic free service that can be accessed at no cost rule. The base service will allow one hour of continuous streaming play whenever you need to log in to the existing queue on the selected GeForce Now server to play again, while the paid premium service guarantees performance queues for performance servers Upgraded to six hours of play in succession after connection. All this after 90 days of free trial, which will only begin to collect the monthly payments in question.

Accepts credits - but service is likely to work properly only when connected to cable router , In a way that will significantly reduce your dream of advanced, high-quality gaming anytime, anywhere

Israel did not appear on the official availability map of For the GeForce Now service, but to our delight, the service is practically available to local users based on both personal computers and the dedicated app on devices Many, based on servers Now deployed in Western Europe - however, when thresholds for action include 80-millisecond or less latency can be quite challenging for many, especially on smartphones or even cellular infrastructure Wireless.

Deploying the current service from home Not there, but there seems to be no geographical lock of access

The mere international launch and availability in Israel is a good development that gives credit for Compared to our competitors, but without the establishment of local servers, streaming technology may have significant difficulty in gaining momentum in the local landscape - let's hope it is in the cards for a future date as well.

The service offers At 1080p and up to 60 frames per second at this time, it does support advanced graphics technologies in some titles - if you subscribe to the premium service

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