Now it's official: The Avengers The End of the Game is the all-time movie movie of HWzone

Now it's official: The Avengers The end of the game is the movie of all time

Studio And Marvel managed to do the unbelievable - and bypass the tremendous record set by the Avatar a decade ago

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You watched At Avengers: Endgame In the cinema? Congratulations, you and hundreds of millions of others helped create a piece of cinematic history and make this great super hero movie the most successful of all time, at least when it comes to revenue.

Kevin Page, the super producer leading the Marvel Cinematic Universe on the big screen, announced the tremendous achievement on the main stage at the Great Comic-Con Conference in San Diego, and now all the data sources on the network have been aligned - Endgame has global revenues Of 2.79 billion (with little potential for continued growth) while James Cameron's Avatar settles for "only" 2.789 billion, dropping to second place after a decade of uncontested control.

Top swap - and Disney is the one who enjoys the situation the most, no matter how you look at it

This is a huge Disney victory over… itself, to some extent - because the movie and the Avatar brand were originally created under Fox Studios, but these, along with all of their property, go to Disney itself under the huge takeover deal signed earlier this year - so the found studios are Own the two coolest movies of all time, and will continue to try to break their own highs As part of the four new Avatar films And countless new Marvel movies that are scheduled to arrive in the coming years. It seems that there has never been such a clear control of one society in the world of cinema.

Marvel's cinematic universe has broken almost all the highs and conventions that existed in Hollywood in the past - and now it has another mega-luxury record to boast about

It is very difficult to compare In terms of ticket sales and inflation in any particular sub-market at the present time, it is reasonable to assume that Endgame still sold fewer tickets overall in relation to what Avatar sold a decade ago, and perhaps even what Titanic sold somewhere in 1997 - which we probably won't know for sure but once. But what I am sure of is that now the fourth and final episode of the Avengers saga will serve as the pinnacle of every studio and future blockbuster. How long will it be until we see a new world champion? It will be interesting to look at it closely and follow it.

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