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On slow iPhones and predetermined obsolescence

Is it possible that a company Creates slowness in instruments Exist for the launch of a new generation?

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"Planned obsolescence" is a concept in economics and industry. It could be assumed that a commercial company would strive to provide the consumer with a durable, non-decaying product, with the intention of transmitting an image of a quality and reliable manufacturer. However, such a product could end up seriously hurting the company's future sales: If the customer has a good, reliable and fault-free product why would he buy a new product? The basic idea, then, is to plan the life of a product in a planned way with the aim of getting the consumer to buy a new product as soon as possible.

The discussion of the existence of Planned obsolescence Continued for many years. Already in 1924 native on Incorporation of companies (Cartel) For the production of lamps with the intention of producing incandescent bulbs with a limited lifetime of purpose. One of the familiar stories is about an incandescent lamp installed at a fire station in the US in 1901, many years before the lamp cartel was erected. This light bulb is constantly on fire until a few years ago. Watching the bulb.

Since the installation has been replaced already two cameras , But the old light is still on. Planned obsolescence does not necessarily require the end of product life. In many cases, these are changes in cultural fashion that force the consumer to replace a product or item of clothing in excellent condition in favor of another, more fashionable product.

The light is still on
The light from 1901 is still lit at this writing
Livermore's Centennial Light Bulb

In 2014, a Harvard student named Laura Trucco published a study of changes in Google's search trends for the words "Slow Iphone". She found that shortly before the release of a new iPhone device, a significant leap occurred in the search of these keywords. The researcher also examined whether there is a similar phenomenon in the search for the words "Samsung Galaxy Slow" at overlapping times to launch products New, but found no connection in this case.

The results of the study led many to speculate that before launching a new product, Apple releases a new version of the older iPhone that supposedly creates a slowdown in the device. According to speculation, Apple's goal is to spur people to buy the new product after they feel that their experience with the old device is impaired. Mappel, by the way, did not comment on the study published in "New York Times.

Strengthening the claim of planned obsolescence on the part of Apple appears in the video From September last year. The video examined two 4S iPhone devices shortly after the launch of the iPhone 6S. One 4S device has a new operating system and two operating systems installed earlier. You can clearly see that the device that was not updated is running faster. Of course this does not mean that a company Worked intentionally to slow down the device. Certainly, a modern and advanced operating system may require larger system resources that the old device does not have, but if so - why To update this system on the device while apparently damaging its functioning?

In the past, there have been other complaints against him As to the planned statute of limitations. In 2003 was published a video of Neistat brothers in which was played a recording of one of the brothers chatting with a representative of the service . The spokesman, whose name is Casey, complained about the battery of his iPod. He said the battery stopped functioning properly after 18 months. representative Answer him that repair (replacement As mentioned above) will cost him over $ 250 and recommended that Casey buy a new and updated iPod.

IPhone internal components
Apple devices such as the iPhone and iPad are known to be hard to fix. [source: Wikipedia] Image: Tyler Love
The video generated many echoes including Class action Against At the end of which the Company undertook to extend the warranty and to grant compensation for the purpose of replacing or repairing the instrument.

Following the recent launch of the iPhone 7 we have again tested using Trends Are there searches for search words 'Slow iPhone'. In the graph before you it seems that while there was a jump in searches in the product launch period, surprisingly - two years after Laura Trucco's research was published, there was no significant jump in word search in 2016. Does the graph say that Apple internalized the audit and decided to change policy? Maybe it's too early to draw any conclusions. We are only at the beginning of September and this trend may change later.

Slow IphoneSome say the trend jump in the search for the words "Slow Iphone" is naturally due to the rise of public discourse on iPhone in general on the eve of its launch. But in checking Google Trends for the words "Iphone Earphones" we have not found similar jumps over the years. Precisely in recent days, after launch IPhone 7 - Yes there is such an increase, perhaps in view of the fact that it was launched with a fundamental change in the configuration of his headphones.Iphone EarphoneWhile in the past, obsolescence caused the product to stop working properly or to reach the end of its life - as in the case of incandescent bulbs, today's intentional obsolescence does not necessarily mean harming the product but leaving the customer behind technologically.

Such policies can also be seen in other companies' products. For example - version Android 7 The new one can not be installed on the Nexus 5 devices launched before 3 years, users will have to buy a new device if they want to enjoy the enhanced features, as well as the new Kaby Lake processors that will run Only with 10 windows Microsoft, when users of older versions of Microsoft Will have to upgrade to benefit from improved technology. The same holds true for me Old ones - while they continue to function properly, new technologies make them much less relevant. The problem with a seemingly deliberate slowdown is that a product stops functioning properly even though technically it could continue to operate efficiently and quickly.

Deliberate obsolescence is not necessarily a logical step by a commercial company in a competitive world. In the event that an iPhone device stops functioning properly, a customer may abandon Apple and move to a competing company. At the same time, many Apple users buy their devices from within Almost religious loyalty Brand. Perhaps the fact that many of the users are a captive audience in the magic of the computing giant allows it to create a deliberate obsolescence that will cause them to choose in any case on the device New and not competitors.


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  1. In the case of Android 7 this is not a deliberate obsolescence.
    There is a real problem of Google terms with the different manufacturers. As part of the requirements, there are some encryption capability issues that older Qualcomm processors do not meet, so quite a few devices will not receive an official update and that although they can run it easily (Sony proved this with a demo version of z3 that had to cancel after receiving a clarification from Google)

  2. You can extend the life of an electric bulb by lowering the voltage, rendering it inefficiently energy efficient, and manufacturers and consumers prefer to "waste" bulbs to save electricity.

      1. what? What is relative?
        The bulb wastes more electricity and produces less light.
        Do you want your home to be dark? Olay is romantic…
        Generally, incandescent bulbs are less elevated than the new green bulbs ... so now say that the new bulbs are a conspiracy to make us pay more for a bulb?

  3. It's not that they plant something maliciously in their sleep, they optimize the new models (which do not necessarily benefit the old ones).

  4. On preheating devices and a pre-planned explosion - Is it possible that Samsung is manufacturing devices that are exploding on purpose for the launch of a new generation? Which of course raises the demand for the company's devices in the terrorist organizations

    1. GUY, didn't you know that Samsung is actually a firearm manufacturing company under the guise of an electronics company?
      By the way ... did you know the world is flat? Intentionally produce circular lenses so that all of nature's images look as if the horizon is rounding, but it's actually the lenses that circle the horizon!

  5. Wow wow wow…
    Intentional obsolescence… At best you have a correlation, at worst there is also no correlation to your arguments and you simply rely on the wrong arguments.
    A light bulb today costs much less to produce, pay attention to how much of the light bulb (incandescent) of the day. I suppose there is a more efficient use of the materials (pollutants and precious ones) to produce a light bulb.
    Probably also more effective in terms of resistance and waste of heat or water.
    Even with this massive old bulb picture, it doesn't produce much light ...

    The sight of devices getting slower isn't exactly the way it is. There are users who load a lot on their devices ... for example with the battery ...
    You've just made an update for WAZE and now WAZE is spending even more fresh than before, so the "battery has broken down" for you.
    I have had an Android device for over five years and except that reporting how much battery I have is not always true and then the screen starts to lose it because he thinks he has a battery when he does not ... I do not see that my device's battery life has shortened much.
    It depends very much on what apps I use and how often.
    If I leave the device closed and open once in ... then the battery will last for a few days even.

    Besides, suppose the company made a mistake or puck earlier than malicious intent.
    There are enough operating system updates with great features that make BRICK devices.

  6. At least they are updating old phone models.
    As one who has had over SGS5 for over a year ... and before that I had an iPhone 6.
    I have to point out - I don't know how the rest of the Android products ... but the one in my mind is just junk!
    Let's start with the most important issue - how much fun did I get a version update for ANDROID 6.0 .... Just a pity that now my phone does a shake automatically at least once a day.
    And certainly the only solution is to start digging to figure out how to revert to an older version.
    At APPLE when there is a software problem… .Not waiting forever and forever to issue an update.
    At APPLE at least an update is coming out to all relevant devices without waiting for the mercy of SAMSUNG or LG or any other company.

    I'm adopting the sentence ... Android is a platform ... IOS is a product.
    I choose the product.

  7. The comparison to Samsung is irrelevant. With each new Apple device, a new operating system is released. In contrast, a new Android operating system does not come out every time with the release of a new Samsung device. Apple has synchronized between the release of a new operating system and the release of a new device. On Android it does not exist, because each company brings out a new generation on a different date.

  8. There is a lot of psychological effect here, where the device owner looks for "excuses" to justify the update he may not really need, so he imagines slowness in the device.

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