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On the way to the first place ever: Avengers against Avatar

The original article: Endgame has crossed the 2 billion dollars revenue threshold and is rapidly approaching the all-time record high

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Many have speculated that the new film of Avengers may experience a particularly sharp fall in interest after a completely insane first weekend Which shattered all the conventions in the market, But that did not happen. Endgame's second weekend was also huge with revenue of 147 million in North America and another 282 million in the rest of the world, and now the total revenue line is already approaching 2.3 billion (!), Second in history after Less than two weeks after the first screening.

Only one film made more money from Endgame at this point - and it is James Cameron's revolutionary avatar who began his way "slower" than other blockbusters but gained huge acceleration within a few weeks thanks to his innovative 3D display technology To final revenues of 2.78 billion, which may explain why Fox Studios approved funding for four sequels at once.

The film will almost certainly break the peak of international income outside the United States - but it is not certain that it will succeed in bypassing the "power awakening" in maximum income in Uncle Sam's country

Disney and Marvel super heroes Are now about 500 $ 1 million away from the grandest and greatest peak of all, having already passed the final sums that have earned huge works like Titanic and Star Wars: power is on the rise, and with the addition of several tens of millions of dollars a day, It will not be simple in the face of launches Like Detective Pikachu and Aladdin who will try to steal part of the designated market.

James Cameron, director of two of the most famous blockbusters, greeted the Avengers when they successfully bypassed the movie Titanic's earnings last weekend - would he bless them even if and when he passed Avatar?

Will Avengers: Endgame soon become the most successful of all time? Is he worthy of this title? Let's guess and express your own opinion.

updating: Endgame has reached 2.3 billion, and it is now expected to complete a jump of over 2.5 billion at the end of this week, leaving it with less than 300 million revenue on the way to first place. We have a close race and mostly cash here, without a doubt.


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  1. Excellent film but do not know if he will come first, in any case Avatar in my opinion is overated in an exaggerated way I did not understand the enthusiasm from him.

  2. Avatar was simply the first to ride the hype of the 3D, as a movie it is quite casual and without that gimmick it is doubtful that it would have entered the list of successful films ...

  3. Comes to Andagim only because of the work done to finish a mighty saga. I think everyone agrees that infinity war was a better film but as a closing film it deserves it and that's why people go a second and third time to see a movie. Such an experience knows who and when we will get again.

    1. The truth? Bad movie at levels.
      All that was good about Infinity Russo Brothers
      They could be destroyed. One by one.
      As the first part was his shoulder and up,
      So the second part is worse in every aspect and understandable.
      Both in relation to the first film and in itself.
      The best (in retrospect) with the finale was already in infinity.

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