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One binge and we're done? Apple's streaming service is available in Israel with minimal content

From now on, the price of NIS 18 every month will give you access to the source productions from the tech giant in your personal computer browser or through a dedicated application on its devices - with support for Hebrew subtitles but no additional content at this time.

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Enthusiasts of the series, please note: A new streaming service is officially available to you in the Holy Land, and it comes to us straight from Uncle Sam's country, and from home Respectfully. Is there any reason to be excited? Depends on how much love you have to Jennifer Aniston, Oprah and Jason Momoa.

Online tv service Launched internationally, including in Israel, at a recommended price of 5 USD per month - which translates quite accurately to NIS 18 in the country, with a seven-day free trial offer for everyone before the start of collection (credit card details are required for this) and an even more interesting offer Of a free trial year for those who purchase up-to-date smart devices made by the company.

Seven free trial days, as opposed to a month for competitors - but also a significantly lower subscription price

The Apple TV Plus service is available on Safari and Chrome browsers on both computers And MacOS of course, and is also available in a dedicated application on Apple TVs, on all kinds of iPads and iPads and , And there is also Hebrew subtitles support for the various content - but the problem is that in the country, right now, the only content available is only the one Apple itself produced.

The number of content available is relatively low - and extremely low for subscribers from Israel

In other countries of the world, agreed by With local distributors provided more series and movies to watch - but in Israel this has not happened yet, so the service is available with eight series and one movie at the moment, alongside teasers and promises of some more content coming later. In the current situation, devout viewers can reach the point of exhausting everything the service has to offer for them on trial days or for one month at most, which may explain why Apple decided to distribute the content more similarly to linear TV services, with three episodes first of all Create immediately and the rest of the chapters in a weekly configuration that will justify continuing to register for service over time.

Launches as it knows - with support for a wide range of countries and languages. It certainly deserves credit for it, even if it doesn't necessarily justify signing up

We believe this is just the beginning of the road for TV Plus in the country (Netflix's opening in the country wasn't brilliant either, it's worth remembering), and things are going to get better later - but right now it's pretty hard to justify the subscription fee for most users. Agree with us or not? Let's talk about it in the comments.

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